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3D Chart

Bar Chart

Bubble Charts

Candlestick Chart

Chart Annotations

Chart Overlays, Merge & New Window

Convert Charts in to another Currency

Correlation Grid Chart

Curve Chart

Custom Bar/Tool Colours controlled by Script Formulas

Frequency Distribution Chart

Gann Swing Charts

Heikin-Ashi Candlesticks

Historical Comparison Chart

Kagi Chart


Chart Layouts

Page Layouts

Watchlist Layouts

Line Chart

Market Intelligence Charts

Notes Chart

Notes Journal

Pairs Grid Chart

Percent Swing Chart

Point and Figure Chart

Point Swing Chart

Range Chart

Regression Chart

Relative Comparison Chart

Relative Rotation Graphs for Forex

Relative Rotation Graphs - Lite

Relative Rotation Graphs - RRG

Relative Strength Charts

Renko Chart

Scatter Plot Charts

Script Bar Chart

Script Chart

Seasonality Chart

Sector Maps

Single Code Column Chart

Size Chart

Spread Chart


Applying a Template to an Existing Chart

Applying a Template to an Existing Workbook

Creating a Template

Opening a New Chart with a Template

Workbook Templates

Hello World

Text Chart

Watchlists and Watchtiles

Dynamic Excel Link

Watchlist - Actions & Properties

Watchlist - Automatic Grouping

Watchlist - Buttons

Watchlist Clone Column

Watchlist - Columns

Watchlist - Custom Colours & Labels

Watchlist Date Range Property

Watchlist Lock Column View

Watchlist - Manual Grouping

Watchlist Offline Mode

Watchlist - Opening

Watchlist - Overview

Watchlist - Rows

Watchlist Script Loading

Watchlist - Search

Watchlist Timeframe Property

Watchlists - Conditional Colours and Labels



Bloomberg Functionality

Bloomberg Troubleshooting- DLLs and API files

Commodity Futures Contract Symbology

Data Saving Mode

Entering Bloomberg Symbols - Drag and Drop Excel files

External Data Fields - Bloomberg Override Functionality

External Data Fields - Importing from Bloomberg

Importing Bloomberg Portfolios into Optuma

Custom Market Breadth Module

End-of-Day Data Options

Australian and US Market Holidays - 2024

Australian Equities - Size Index Constituents

CBOE Indices Data

Commodity Futures Contract Symbology

Economic Data

End-of-Day Cryptocurrency Data

How Do I Renew My Subscription?

My Data Isn't Automatically Updating

Optuma Breadth Data

Optuma continuous futures contract data - Spot vs VolSpot

Optuma End-of-Day Data Selections

Optuma Fundamental Data - What data is available?

Short Interest Data

Survivorship Bias-Free Data

Updating only some Stocks in an Exchange

Using the US Federal Reserve Economic Data - FRED Database

World Commodities Data

External Data Fields

External Data Fields - Importing from Excel or .csv Files

External Data Fields Overview

Using External Data Fields for Portfolio Management

Working with External Data Fields

Fundamental Data

Importing Third-Party Data

Accessing Nasdaq Data Link (formerly Quandl) via API

Editing and Updating Data within Optuma

Exporting Data from Optuma

Formatting and Importing Text (.csv) Files

Importing 3rd Party CSI Data

Importing 3rd Party Metastock Data

Live Data Functions

Course of Trade

Depth Chart

Depth on Price Scale

Multiple Session Times

News Chart

Order Entry and Management (Interactive Brokers only)

Reprocess On Property

Real-time Data

Adding Custom Exchanges and Codes

Creating a Continuous Spot File (for Interactive Brokers)

IQFeed Code Search

IQFeed Troubleshooting - Connection to Optuma is failing

IQFeed Troubleshooting - Moving IQFeeds Log

IQFeed Troubleshooting - Windows Defender

IQFeed Troubleshooting - Windows Security (Real Time)

Optuma unable to find Bloomberg DLL file

Optuma unable to locate Trader Work Station (TWS)

Setting up Bloomberg Data in Optuma

Setting up Cryptowatch Data in Optuma

Setting up Indian data from Global Datafeeds in Optuma

Setting up Interactive Brokers Data in Optuma

Setting up IQFeed Data in Optuma

Setting up Kraken Data in Optuma

Setting up MT4 Data- AxiTrader in Optuma

Setting up MT4 Data- NoaFX in Optuma

Setting up MT4 Data- OANDA in Optuma

Setting up MT4 Data- TradeDirect365 in Optuma

Setting up OANDA FX Data in Optuma

Setting up Oanda Real-Time Data in Optuma

Setting up Paritech Data in Optuma

Setting up Tradable Data in Optuma

Setting up Tradier Data in Optuma

Trim History

Sorting Exchanges

Symbol Lists

ETF Member Symbol Lists

Importing Symbol Lists - Professional/Enterprise Services Edition

Manual Lists

Optuma Symbol Lists

Symbol List Groups

Symbol List Manager

Symbol Lists from CSV Files

Gann and Astro

Astro Tools and Scripting

Astro Tools applied to Swing Charts

Astro Tools

Angle Returns

Apogee and Perigee

Aspect Returns

Bradley Siderograph



Ephemeris Tool

Gann Planetary Lines

Helion Transits

Importing Additional Astro Bodies

Latitude Transits

Moon Phases

Natal Transits

Parallel Transits

Planetary Angles

Planetary Aspects

Planetary Decans

Planetary Fan

Planetary Geometry

Planetary Labels

Planetary Latitudes

Planetary Retrograde

Planetary Sign Changes

Planetary Signs

Planetary Speed

Progressed Aspects

Progressed Transits

Scott Barometer

Square of Nine Planetary Intervals

Synodic Cycles

Synodical Lines

Time By Planetary Degrees

Time By Synodic Degrees

Time Swing Projection


3D Ephemeris Chart

Ephemeris Chart

Natal Chart

Rondinone Chart

The Hexagon Chart

The Square of Four

The Square of Nine

The Wheel of 24

Wall Charts

Custom Colours for Astronomical Items

Gann Square Tools - Square Division Properties

Gann Tools

Division of 3rds

Division of 8ths

Dynamic Gann Fan Angles

Dynamic Gann Levels

Dynamic Hex Intervals

Dynamic Square of 9

Gann Box

Gann Day Count

Gann Fan Angles

Gann Mass Pressure

Gann Measured Degree Line

Gann's Pattern of Vibration

Gann Single Degree Line

Gann Square Markers

Gann Square Range Angle

Gann Square Range Marker

Gann Square Range

Gann Square Swing Markers

Gann Square Top/Bottom

Gann Squares

High/Low Degree Angles

Number Searcher

Overlay Tool

Pattern Matcher

Price Division


Seven Times The Base

Square of 9 Dates

Square of 9 Gann Fan

Square of 9 Intervals

Static Square of 9

Static Wheel of 24

Time Division of 3rds

Time Division of 8ths

Time Price Labels

Time Price Measure

Triple Octave Support and Resistance

Triple Octave Time Support and Resistance Lines

Zero Degree Angles

Zero Price Fan

Geomagnetic Data

How to Manually Import Additional Planets/Asteroids

Orb Properties

Price Units, Factors, and Harmonics for Gann Tools

Sunspot Data

General Usage and Interface

Actions Properties and Colour Schemes

Bolton-Smith Colour Scheme

Copy Data to Clipboard

Copy Page to Clipboard

Copying Tools

Custom Colour Option for Histogram Indicators

General Chart Actions & Properties

General Tool Actions and Properties

Inverting Charts and Layers

Price Scale Labels

Price Scale Properties

Print Settings

View Tools - Custom Colours

View Tools - Editing Titles

Workbook Features


Alert Manager - Old

Alert Manager

Alerts - Alerts State property

Alerts - Default Sound

Line Alerts

New Alerts Dialog

Price Alerts

Technical Alerts

Time Alerts


Adjusting Chart View

Backup via Command Line Window

Changing Time Frames

Chart Grouping

Clone Charts and Pages

Cloning a Layer

Copy and Paste Shortcuts


Custom Tool Tips and Crosshair Labels

Custom Toolbar - Exporting & Importing Buttons

Custom Toolbar

Customising Optuma

Cycle Pages

Data Update Alert

Full Screen View - F11

Grid Lines

History Slider

Importing & Exporting Layers

Info Panel

Locked Layers

Logarithmic Scaling

Magnetic Chart Edges



Multiple Screen Functionality

Navigating Pages

Opening a Chart

Opening Workbooks

Pinning Charts

Price Lock is "View Aware"

Printing Charts

Right-Click Interface

Saving Page as Image File

Screen Layout

Security Selection

Send Charts Directly to Twitter

Snap Cursor to Price

Stacked Studies

Structure Panel - Layers - Group Headers

Structure Panel and Layers

Tiling Charts

Time Frame Suffix

Titles in Indicator View Panels

Using the Time/Price Ratio to Scale a Chart

View Page Thumbnails

Training Mode and Trade Tracker

Trade Tracker

Training Mode with Watchlists

Training Mode


Creating Workbooks

Deleting Workbooks

Exporting Pages

Exporting Workbooks

Import Pages from Workbook

Recently Used Workbooks List

Saving Workbooks

Getting Started

Optuma 101 - Getting Started

Spiral Calendar


Chart Headers

Command Line Printing

Command Line Builder

Command Line Printing - Overview

Running Multiple Commands Sequentially using a Batch File

Group Diamond Publishing

Page Headers and Page Footers

Powerpoint Optuma Menu

Publishing a Workbook to Microsoft Outlook

Publishing a Workbook to Microsoft PowerPoint

Publishing a Workbook to Microsoft Word

Publishing a Workbook to PDF

Publishing a Workbook to the Optuma Hosted Website

Publishing Module Overview

Send To Word - Advanced Options

Sample Workbooks

ASX Workbooks

Bloomberg Workbooks

TSX Workbooks

Gann Workbooks

Indian Workbooks

US Workbooks

Scanning and Testing


Back Tester Overview

Back Tester Results

Create & Run a Back Test

Deleting a Saved Back Test

Rebalancing Strategies

Scanning Manager

Creating a Scan

Deleting a Scan

Results Window

Running a Scan

Scanning Manager

Scans with non Boolean Scripts

Signal and Trade Tester

Signal Tester

Trade Tester


Bar Variables and Properties

Conditional IF Statements

Crosses Operators

Custom Code Builder

Custom Codes

Custom Index

How to Create a Custom Index

Default Optuma Scripts

Examples of Scripting Formulas

Exporting and Importing Scripts

Formula Functions & General Interface

Formulas and Scripting Functions

Absolute Value Function - ABS()

Accumulation Function - ACC()

Accumulation Since Signal Function - ACCSINCESIGNAL()

Anchored VWAP function - AVWAP()

Astro Scripting Functions

BarCount Function

BarDate and StringDate Functions

BarIndex Function

BarsTrue Function

BarTypes Function


CHANGE() Function


Correlation Function - CRL()

Count Match Since Signal Function

DataField() Function


DAYOFWEEK() Function

Days Up and Days Down Functions

DIFFPCT() Function

FIRST() Function

Floor Function

FX() - Currency Conversion

GANNSWING() Function

Gap Finder Function - GAP()

GetData Function

GoNoGo Functions

Heikin-Ashi Candlestick Function - HAC()

HIDDEN() Function


ISMEMBER() Function

ISTICKER() Function

LAST() Function

Linear Regression Function - LRVAL()

LOWESTLOW() Function


MAX() and MIN() Functions

MOD() Function

Multiple Output Plots

NearestAlert() Function

NonZero Function

NoRepeat Function

Offset Function (and Square Bracket Syntax)

Parent Scripting Function


Used to calculate % change

Pivot() Function

Planetary Difference - PDIFF()

RATCHET() Function

Relative Index Comparison function - RIC()

Rounding Function

SCRIPT() Function

Security() Function

SHADE() Function

Show Bar - Scripted Settings


Stats on Swings Function


SwingTrend functions

Switch() Function

TIMEFRAME function

TimeSinceSignal Function

Total Return Function - TRET()

ValueWhen() Function


WEIGHT() Function

For use with ETF Holdings data

WithinRange Function

Getting Started with Optuma Scripting

Linear Regression Function - LRVAL()

Logical Operators

Multi-Plot Shading

Optuma Scripting Functions Table

Optuma Scripting Support Guidelines

Script Editor Overview

Scripting Aliases

Scripting Tools

Custom Scripted Tool - 52 week Fibonacci Levels

Show Bar

Show Plot

Show View

Scripts Supporting Mouse Click to Set Price

Self Referencing Scripts

Show Bar Offsets

Smart Operator List

Timeframe Overrides

Service Levels

Gann & Astro Edition - Charts, Tools & Modules

Gann Edition - Charts, Tools & Modules


Autosave Settings

Backup Settings


Custom Tool Manager (Pascal module)

File Location Settings

Keyboard Shortcut Settings


Layout Manager

MRU Tool Defaults

Multiple Workbook Save Locations

Order Manager

Script Manager








Applying Tools & Indicators


Acceleration Bands

Accelerator Oscillator

Adaptive Moving Average

Anchored Volume-Weighted Average Price (VWAP)

Arnaud Legoux Moving Average

Awesome Oscillator

Bollinger Bands

Bollinger Bandwidth

Bollinger % B

Chaikin Accumulation Distribution Line

Chaikin Oscillator

Detrend Oscillator

Donchian Channels

Forecast Oscillator

Guppy Multiple Moving Average

Higher Time Moving Average

Ichimoku Cloud

Keltner Channels

MACD Combo

MACD Histogram

MACD Signal

Moving Average Bands

Moving Average

Moving Volume Weighted Average Price


Percentage Price Oscillator (PPO)

Price Oscillator

Stoller Bands

Ultimate Oscillator

Variable Index Dynamic Average

Volume Weighted Average Price


Barros Intraday RSI

Barros Pivots

Barros Swing Average Volumes

Barros Swings Chart Overlay

Hart Swings Chart Overlay


Beck's Emblem

Gartley Trading Method Pattern Recognizer

Single In/Scale Out Levels

X Bar Trailing Stop


Oversold and Overbought

Short Volatility Profit Taker

Short Volatility Trailing Stop

Volatility Profit Taker

Volatility Trailing Stop


Composite Index

Derivative Oscillator

Pythagorean Tools

RSI and Averages

Treasury Square of Nine


Calendar Day Intervals

Custom Intervals

Cycle Zone - Setup 1

Cycle Zone - Setup 2

Cycle Zone - Setup 3

Cycle Zone - Setup 4

Cycles Tool

Day of Month

Gann Seasonal Dates

Intervals Tool

Scaled Boxes

Time By Solar Degrees

Trading Day Intervals

Year High Low Marker





Sector Data

Breadth Data Tool

COT Report

COT Sentiment

COT Stochastic Oscillator

Data Field


Astro Text

Bar Label


Channel Lines


Elliott Wave Symbols

Horizontal Line

Price Measure


Reward Risk Measure

Spiral Calendar Intervals

Spiral Calendar


Text Box

Time Measure

Trend Line

Vertical Line

DVAN SmartLines

DVAN Buy/Sell Pressure

DVAN Long Term

DVAN Short Term Cycle

DVAN SmartLines

DVAN Trend Signals

DVAN Trending


Bandpass Filter

Correlation Cycle

Correlation Trend

Cycle Trend Analytics

DeCycler Oscillator


Directional Movement using Hann Windowing (DMHW)

Elegant Oscillator

Even Better Sinewave Indicator

Exponential Regularization Moving Average

Finite Impulse Response Filters

Fourier Series Analysis

Improved MAD

Improved RSI

Laguerre Filter

Laguerre RSI

Modified Stochastic


Noise Elimination Technology

Roofing Filter Indicator with AGC

Super Smoother

Truncated Bandpass Filter

Two Pole Super Smoother

Voss Predictive Filter


Fibonacci Arc

Fibonacci Channels

Fibonacci Expansions

Fibonacci Fan

Fibonacci Intervals

Fibonacci Range

Fibonacci Retracements

Fibonacci Spiral

Fibonacci Time Retracements

Lucas Intervals


Auto Correlation

Fourier Wave


General Information


Andrews' Pitchfork



Geometric Circle

Geometric Fan

Geometric Line

Geometric Polygon

Geometric Rectangle

Geometric Square Angle



Poly Line



This document describes the actions and properties for the Tetrad tool in Market Analyst.




These GoNoGo Tools are available as an optional add-on module (except the Trend tool which is available without charge for all clients).

GoNoGo Educational Videos

GoNoGo Oscillator

GoNoGo Squeeze

GoNoGo Trend Pro

GoNoGo Trend


Countback Line - Entry

Countback Line - Stop Loss

This document describes the actions and properties for the Countback Line - Stop Loss tool in Market Analyst 7.

Darvas Boxes

Parabolic Trend Line

Projection Line

Harmonic Patterns

AB-CD Pattern

Three Drives Pattern

XABCD Pattern


Dual Vector Concentric Circle

Hathaway Average Price

Parabolic Curve

Vector Concentric Circle



Drawdown Trailing Stop Loss

Hull Moving Average

Hull Multiple Moving Average

Hull Rate of Annual Decline

Hull Rate of Annual Return

Range + Indicator

Range - Indicator


Hurst Dominancy Envelope

Hurst Future Line of Demarcation

Hurst Inverse Moving Average

Hurst Phasing


Jenkins Angle

Jenkins Arc

Jenkins Box

Jenkins Line

Jenkins Natural Ratio

Jenkins Pythagorean Triangle

Jenkins Secret Angle Cycle Finder

Jenkins Secret Angle

Jenkins True Trend Line Harmonics

Jenkins True Trend Line

Levels Editor


Analysis Cluster

Concentric Circle

Moving Retracement

Pivot Points


Price Clusters

Price Degree Intervals

Price Expansions

Price Extensions

Price Intervals

Price Retracements

Raman Support & Resistance Bands

Support and Resistance Finder

Time Clusters

Time Extensions

Line Studies

Analysis Tile


Date Region



Gap Finder

Oliver Wedge

Price Marker

Time Box

Trend Band

ND Research Volatility Studies

Risk Reward Ratio

Volatility Based Momentum

Volatility Based Support & Resistance

Volatility Momentum End

Optuma- Miscellaneous New Features

This document outlines some the new general features in Market Analyst 8.

Optuma Extreme Tools

Impulse Barriers

Impulse Ripples

Optex Bands

Optex Triggers


Volatility Swings

PASCAL Programming

ADO Example

Example of how to create a ADO with the custom tool scripting.

Calling DLL Example

Example of of how to a DLL with the custom tool scripting.

Calling Windows DLLs Example

Choppiness Index Programing

The following code is an example of the Choppiness Index Programing

Data-List Function List

GetData Example - Tool Programming

Getting Started with Tool Programming

This is the getting started document for custom tool programming

Helper Objects

This document describes the function of helper objects for the Custom Tool Programming module in Market Analyst 7.

Multi-Plot Example

Example of how to create a multi plot with the custom tool scripting.

Optuma Fundamental Data

Pascal Language Syntax

This document describes the Pascal Language Syntax used in Market Analyst custom tool programming.

Price Levels

Public Methods

Reading A Datafile Example

The following code is an example of how to read a Datafile into Optuma

Reading A File Example

Example of of how to read a file with the custom tool scripting.

Simple Moving Average Example

Example of how to create a simple moving average with the custom tool scripting.

Symbols Example

The following code is an example of how to draw 3 symbols at different price points.

Time Events Example

The following code is an example of how to create a tool based on Time Events.

Tool Description

Tool Drawing Items

This document provides examples of Tool Drawing items for the Custom Tool Programming module in Market Analyst 7.

Tool Properties

This document describes the tool properties for the Custom Tool Programming Module in Market Analyst 7.

Trend Line Example

Example of of how to create a trend line with the custom tool scripting.

Triangle Example

The following code is an example of how to create a triangle tool.

Point and Figure

Horizontal Targets

Vertical Targets


Annual Rate of Return

Aroon Oscillator


Average Directional Movement Index

Average True Range (ATR)


Candlestick Pattern Overlay

Chande Momentum Oscillator

Chandelier Stop

Chart Element

Choppiness Index

Commodity Channel Index

Commodity Selection Index

Congestion Index

Coppock Indicator

Days Down

Days Low / High Trailing Stop

Days Up

Demand Index

DGL Trade Bands

Divergence Index

Double Stochastic


Dynamic Momentum

Fast Stochastic

Hundred Base

Inertia Indicator


Parabolic Stop and Reverse

Percentage Increase

Price Range Percentage

Pring's Know Sure Thing (KST)

Profit Zones

Quantitative Qualitative Estimation

Range from Extremes

Rate of Change

Recession Tool

Relative Index Comparison (RIC)

Relative Strength Index - RSI

Relative Vigor Index Indicator

Relative Vigor Index

Relative Volatility Index

Return of Interest

Reverse RSI

Slow Stochastic

Stochastic Momentum Index

Stochastic RSI


Swing Index Accumulation

Swing Index


Traders Dynamic Index


True Rate of Change

True Strength Index

Value Chart


Volume at Price

Williams A/D Oscillator

Williams % R

Wilson Relative Price Channel


Date Marker

Image Stamp

Logo Tool

Trend Arrow

Python Tool

RRG Tool Module

RRG Lines



Beta Coefficient

Coefficient of Determination R Squared


Cross Correlation


Dynamic Market Profile

Exponential Regression

Fisher Transform

Hilbert Transform

Linear Regression Band

Linear Regression Intercept

Linear Regression Slope

Linear Regression

Market Profile

Midos SI

NonLag Inverse Fisher Transform of RSX

Pearson's Correlation Coefficient

Probability Box

Probability Cone

Sequential Market Profile

Standard Deviation

Trailing Linear Regression



ATR Trailing Stop

Fixed Days High Stop

Fixed Days Low Stop

Fixed Short Volatility Stop

Fixed Volatility Stop

Show Stop


Chart Pattern Overlay

Gann Swing Chart Overlay

Percent Swing Chart Overlay

Pivot Labels

Point Swing Chart Overlay

Swing Statistic Boxes


Clark Volatility

Historical Volatility Bands

Historical Volatility Ratio

Historical Volatility

Relative Volatility

Wilder Volatility Stop


Accumulation Distribution

Anti-Volume Stop Loss

Average Volume By Time

Capital Weighted Volume

Chaikin Money Flow

Ease of Movement

Force Index

Herrick Payoff Index

Market Facilitation Index

Midas Top/Bottom Finder


Money Flow Index

Negative Volume Index

On Balance Volume (OBV)

On Balance Volume %

Open Interest

Positive Volume Index

Trend Thrust Indicator

Turn Over

Volume Advance Decline

Volume Momentum Indicator

Volume Price Confirmation Indicator

Volume Price Momentum Confirmation Indicator

Volume-Weighted MACD

Volume Weighted Moving Average




Wyler Kinetic Energy

Troubleshooting and FAQs

Antivirus and Security Software

Avast Free Edition

Avast Pro

AVG Anti-Virus

AVG Free

Bitdefender Free Edition

Eset Nod32


McAfee Total Protection

Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit

Norton 360

Norton Antivirus

Trend Micro


Adjusting Session Times for Realtime charts

Adjusting your Display Resolution

Can I have Optuma installed on more than one computer?

Can I Run Optuma on an Apple Mac?

This document provides information on how to run Market Analyst on an Apple.

Can Optuma automatically identify chart patterns?

This document describes how Market Analyst 7 can be used to scan for Candlestick patterns.

Cloud Drive shows large number of Optuma files moved

Diagnostic Report

Do you have GICs sector and industry data?

European Exchange Data - Symbology

How can I add more space to the left of the first bar on a chart?

How can I create a Watchlist from chart in an existing workbook?

How can I get copies of my invoices?

How can I reinstall Optuma?

This document describes how to reinstall Market Analyst 7 and transfer workbooks, settings, templates, etc to a new computer.

How can I see all calendar days (ie weekends and holidays) on my charts?

How can I transfer my existing workbooks, settings, layouts, scans, scripts, etc to a new computer?

How do I Access Purchased Videos or Documents?

How do I add Realtime or Intraday Data to Optuma?

This article provides information on how to access live data in Optuma.

How do I change my colour scheme from White to either Light or Dark?

How do I Change Time Frames on Charts in Optuma?

This document provides information on how to change the time frame in Optuma.

How do I cite Optuma in my reports?

How do I disable the automatic data downloads?

How do I increase the amount of intraday history available in my charts?

How do I remove a Chart Layout from a page but keep my work?

How Do I Remove Shadows around Symbols when I print to PDF?

This document describes how to Remove Shadows from around Symbols when printing to PDF in Market Analyst 7.

How do I Remove the Watermark from my Image Files?

This document describes how to Remove a Watermark from Image Files

How do I show more time in to the future on my charts?

How do I Upgrade from Optuma 32 bit (Market Analyst 8) to Optuma 64bit?

How Do I Use a Proxy Server?

This document describes how to use a Proxy Server in Optuma.

How do I use Loom to send a video to Optuma Support?

How to create a Watchlist from an existing workbook

How to retrieve System Information using DXDIAG

This document provides information on creating a DxDiag file

How to take Screenshots and Share Chart Images

How to Take Screenshots or Videos for Support Purposes

How to Whitelist emails from Optuma

Important Announcement - FTSE/Russell Indices

Installing Optuma from Trial Email (new clients)

Is there a Navigation Console in Optuma?

This document describes alternative methods to adjust the chart view in Market Analyst 7.

I've lost my password!

Lifetime Trader Services Subscription FAQ

MA6 vs Optuma Gann Swings

This document describes the differences between Gann Swings in Market Analyst 6 and Market Analyst 7.


New Support System F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions about the new support system.

Optuma EOD Splits, Consolidations and Total Returns

Optuma Installation Guide

Optuma Lite Edition

Printing complete Watchlists that do not fit on the screen

Remote Access using Zoom

Resources to help you get the most out of Optuma

Running Optuma in Administration Mode

This document describes how to set up Optuma to run in Admin Mode.

Submitting and Tracking Support Tickets

System Requirements- Can My Computer Run Optuma?

This document provides information on the system requirements of Market Analyst 7.

The Price Scale isn't automatically resizing

Using Optuma on a Cloud-Based Windows PC

Using Optuma with Cloud Drives

What information does the Optuma program collect?

Where are my Workbook files stored?

Why are my automated backups taking so long to save?

Why are some Circle tools drawing incorrectly?

Why can Degree Counts vary between two dates

Why is My Security Software Detecting a Virus in a Optuma File?

Why is the current bar dated next Friday, when today is only Tuesday?

This document explains why weekly bars always have a Friday date.

Why is there a small cross in front of the Mouse Pointer?

Will My 3rd Party Data Work in Optuma?

This document provides information on importing 3rd party data into Optuma.

Will my MA4 or MA6 Files work with Optuma?

Will my MA7 or MA8 files work in Optuma?

Windows S Mode Blocking Installation


After Windows Prompts to Backup Important Folders Optuma Saved Work is Missing

Backup has Failed

Bloomberg Intraday FX Charts not Updating

Bluebeam Revu- Long Printing times for Optuma charts

Can't Write to Documents Folder

Clients asked to import data history on login but no data to download

Crash on Using Tools or Charts with Intel Video Cards

Data no longer displays when I hover my mouse over a bar

Data Streamed from IB- The chart in Optuma differs to the chart in TWS

Display issues - Disable Visual Themes

Display Issues - Video Drivers

Distorted Watchlist Fonts after Windows 10 Update

Encountering Problems Using MA8 on a Microsoft Surface device

This document describes what to do when encountering problems when using Market Analyst 7 on a Microsoft Surface device.

EOD Data Delays 3rd July 2019

Exporting Windows Event Log

FAQ on Updating Credit Cards

How to Choose Which GPU Optuma Uses on Windows 10 & 11

How to Restore a File from Automatic Backups

How to review a DXDIAG file

How to use DebugView

HT Scans converted for use in Opt64

Incomplete Charts - How to Manually Download Missing Data

This document describes what to do when your charts are missing data.

Integrated Graphics Card Overriding Nvidia Card

Integrated Intel Graphics used over Dedicated Radeon Card

Jagged Lines in Optuma using Intel Graphics

Line Width Sliders aren't working for Mac Users with VMWare Fusion

Linking and Unlinking Layers

Login issues - allowing access to Optuma IP addresses and servers

Market Analyst 4 & 6 FAQ

Market Analyst 7 Stuck on Loading Exchanges

Optuma access denied when accessing from China

Optuma crashing with a Windows error- Plays.TV installed

Optuma Disappearing or Not Appearing on Start up

Optuma does not open Maximised

Optuma has sent me an email, but it's not here?

Optuma Installation Issue - Compression Error

Optuma just disappears

Optuma missing a critical file

Optuma no longer connecting to Oanda API

Optuma no longer connecting to TWS

Optuma Not Working on a Dell Alienware System

Optuma Support During Christmas / New Years 2018

Optuma Text is Very Small

Optuma Unresponsive after Login

Parallels 16 and 17 Updates Cause Display Issues in Optuma

Planned Server Maintenance

Revert the Latest Optuma Update to the Previous Version

Security warning when saving the setup.exe file

Surface Pro- The Optuma Toolbar Icons are too large and don't fit on screen

The Dates On My Charts Dates Are In US Format- How Can I Change Them?

The Optuma close value is different from the eSignal platform

Tool Lines Crossing into Panel Space

Trader Services Edition - Charts, Tools & Modules

Unable to Login after Mac OS Catalina Update

US Commodities Data Delay - 05-02-2020

US Commodities Data Delay - 30-01-2019

US Commodities Data Delay - Monday September 11th, 2017

VMWare Fusion - Distorted Bars when thickness greater than 1

Why is the Program Crashing with an Out of Memory or Out of Resources error?

This document describes what to do if Market Analyst 7 is crashing with an Out of Memory or out of Resources error.

Workbooks open very slowly after updating Optuma

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