What’s New in Optuma 2.1

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Nov 23, 2022 20:29


This is the change log for Optuma 2.1, the first major update to Optuma 2 since its initial release.

New Features


  • The Linear Regression Band has a new property called “Repeat Bands”. This allows you to select how many bands are displayed on the tool above / below the central linear regression line.
  • The Volatility Momentum End tool has been changed to a Global tool when used with a Chart Layout.
  • The Seasonality Chart has been adjusted to show % change. (ie Rather than a column showing 102.5, the value will now be 2.5). The columns comparative size to the others on the chart will not change, only the value in the right hand scale.
  • The Gann Mass Pressure tool now extends beyond one year.
  • A multiplier property has been added to the Bands tool for ATR based levels.
  • New option added to Data - Data Providers - IB called Show Data Outside Regular Trading Hours
  • Updated IB support for live data from Japanese Exchanges.
  • Quandl - a third-party data provider - is now called Nasdaq Data Link
  • An alert setup from a workbook using a watchlist will now automatically select the code in the list when Open Alert is selected.
  • A small adjustment to the Pivot Labels calculation to better support instances where identical high values occur within the selected bar range.
  • Alerts added from the chart directly can be setup to show the Alert settings window automatically, so a name and note for the alert can be added without the need to open the manager manually.
  • Clone Page will now insert the new tab next to the original, rather than adding it to the end of the Workbook.
  • FRED data will require the use of a personal API token going forward.
  • Price Measure tool - Factor now supports values lower than 1 and an option to extend the lines left or right have been added.
  • ‘Period’ has been added as an adjustable property to the Even Better Sinewave indicator.
  • Number Searcher now includes a Stats window that will show a summary of the total number of hits each label type has had (Price, Time, Bars, etc).

Important Note for IQFeed Real-Time data users

For live data to work in Optuma 2.1 you will need to ensure your IQFeed API client is running version or later.

If you are unsure of the version you are currently running you can double-click on the IQFeed icon on the bottom right corner of your screen to open the Connection Manager window:


Bug Fixes

  • Deleting multiple static tools in one go (using Ctrl to select them) may not be saved when using a Chart Layout.
  • Square of 9 - The properties called Second Position and Count Direction were not included in the Save As Default action.
  • Changing an Overlay - New Window plot to Bar Chart / Histogram would not load from a workbook (would display blank).
  • Hovering over the chart preview column of a Watchlist could generate a random bug report.
  • Copying a tool from a locked layer and pasting it into an unlocked layer would still show all properties locked.
  • Intraday scripts using a time frame override may not display the correct value if the Watchlist time frame is changed.
  • Removed Column Chart from the Watchlist Open Group As icon for LifeTime Services (should not have been available and did not work).
  • Hathaway Vector Concentric Circles some levels disappear based on zoom level.
  • Changing the time frame of a chart adjusted to use a relative comparison code causes the chart to jump back to the start of the data history.
  • Systems using a . for the thousands separator may encounter an issue manually editing numbers via the tool properties.
  • Cycles Tool - Font Size property disappears when the date label is deselected.
  • When changing the list a Watchlist is linked to, the Summary header row may not update the values automatically for some scripted columns.
  • A crash to desktop can occur if opening a large list of codes via Interactive Brokers for an exchange that is not permissioned for API access.
  • Some NSE symbols in the Optuma index were not compatible with the Global Datafeeds connection (NIFTYBEES is an example).
  • On an Andrews Pitchfork tool that is sloping down, enabling the Warning lines while also having the Swing Parallel lines active causes the lines to appear above the tool, rather than within the lines.
  • The Resize chart button only works while the page session remains open. If you save, close and re-open the workbook, clicking the Resize chart button has no effect.
  • Rare internal crash encountered trying to open CSV files using a specific format.
  • P&F Chart showing 1899 dates when set to view a Custom Division Spread code.
  • Time Extensions - Start Date not adjusting on the label when the line is being moved to a different position.
  • Resolved issue that caused scripts using the SWITCH() function from showing on the trigger bar when training mode was used.


  • New Function - ANGLEDIFF()
  • The Points() function was not working correctly from the Most Recently Used list (mouse right-click menu). To apply successfully the tool had to be selected from the Custom Toolbar.
  • LOWESTLOW() adjusted to support values of zero on charts such as breadth that can have zero values as a valid result.
  • Updated Multi-plot Histogram to support more than a single colour.


  • Astro tools have a new property (Show in All Layouts) when enabled the indicator will act like a Global tool and show for all codes, not just the one it was applied to.
  • Retrograde Labels copied to clipboard and pasted to Excel no longer display in inverse order.
  • Astro script functions that support degree levels (like PDI()) can now support values > 999
  • Fixed an issue where the Natal Transit tool could not be repositioned via the right click Control Point icon.
  • New astro script function: NatalValue()
  • The Date Control Link (set up via group colour icons) used on the Ephemeris chart has been optimised (faster, auto view adjustments).
  • The Number Searcher tool can now include labels for Solar Degrees.