Setting up Interactive Brokers Data in Optuma

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Sep 9, 2022 13:29


Interactive Brokers

This article will take you through the process of setting up Interactive Brokers (IB) data in Optuma.


  • Optuma with an active subscription or trial account.
  • An active account with Interactive Brokers. If you would like to arrange an account we recommend you contact Interactive Brokers directly.
  • IMPORTANT: A number of exchanges (ASX Shares, US Commodities, etc) require an additional monthly subscription with Interactive Brokers before they can be accessed via the API. You can use them in Trader Workstation, but they won’t appear in Optuma. Before you try to connect IB data to Optuma please contact your IB account rep to make sure you have these required subscriptions enabled first.

Installing Trader Workstation

You will need IB’s Trader Workstation platform installed on your system. Click here to download and install the program from IB.

Step 1 - Enabling Trader Workstation for External Data Access

  1. Open the Trader Workstation program.

  2. Once you have logged in, select the Edit > Global Configuration… menu.

  3. From the window that now displays, select API > Settings

  4. Under API > Settings, tick the checkbox next to Enable ActiveX and Socket Clients

  5. For the Socket port, change the value to 7497 if different

  6. Select the checkbox Allow connections from localhost only

  7. After making these changes, select Apply and click the OK button to close the window.

  8. Minimise the Trader Workstation program.

    Minimise the Trader Workstation

Step 2 - Setting up Optuma to Access Data from IB

  1. Run Optuma in administration mode by right-clicking on the desktop icon and select ‘Run as administrator.’

  2. Once you have logged into the program, click on the Data menu and select the Configure Data Providers option.

  3. In the window that opens, locate the Interactive Brokers option. Left-click it once,and click the Next button.

Configure Data Providers

  1. Optuma will check all the required files are installed. A prompt will display with additional instructions. If no prompt displays within a few seconds you can click the Next button.

    Interactive Broker

  2. A number of available data exchanges will be displayed. Select the exchanges you wish to use with Interactive Brokers and add them to the right-hand side table. Click the Apply button to complete the setup process.


Step 3 - Opening a chart using the IB data feed

  1. Click on New > Single Code Chart > chart type (or F3 on your keyboard) to open the Security Selection window.

  2. Left-click an exchange folder which has been set up to use IB data (US Equities for example).

  3. Left-click in the search box and type the required symbol (MSFT for example) and double-click to open.

    Search Box

  4. Once open, you will be able to select the required timeframe from the dropdown list:

    Select the required timeframe

Out of Market Data

By default, IB excludes out of Market Data from their API feed. If you wish to see out-of-market data via your IB sourced charts you can go to Data - Providers - Interactive Brokers and tick the Show Data Outside of Regular Hours checkbox.

IB Updated Data Menu


Interactive Brokers not listed under Data > Configure Data Provider

Check that you are using the installed version of Trader Workstation and not the web-based version, and that it is installed on the same drive as Optuma. Install TWS from here, and restart Optuma.

Optuma is not connecting - the Data menu button indicator is red

Interactive Brokers 7

  1. Run Optuma in administration mode. For information on how to do this, please click here.

  2. Ensure that Optuma is set to use the same port number 7497 in TWS API settings.

    Set Port Number

If after following the above procedures Optuma is still unable to connect to TWS try checking your security settings. If possible make sure that Optuma is added to the program exclusion list. Our Knowledge Base includes articles for some popular security software programs, you can access these articles here.