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  • Expert support ready to answer your questions
  • Unleash your analysis with software that removes all limits
  • Personalise your software for confident decision-making
  • Save time and energy with set-and-forget features
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Designed to make your life easier

Optuma is designed to save you time and energy in your financial analysis. With set-and-forget features, you only need to build your analysis once to see it across multiple securities and multiple charts.

Expand your analysis

Optuma gives you financial analysis without limits. You can place as many tools as you want on your charts, have an unlimited amount of charts open, and get access to our full range of alerts. With Optuma’s EOD data, you’ll never miss out on an opportunity because of account limits.

“I’ve said it before and I’d like to say it again. This is the best software of its type that I’ve ever used and along with the support that I’ve received via direct replies, e-mails, forums, knowledgebase, whatever, it’s BRILLIANT!”

–  Andrew F, Victoria Australia

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Expert help whenever you need it

Our support team based out of Brisbane, Australia has over 45 years of combined experience helping clients successfully navigate Optuma. You don’t have to worry about being sent to an inexperienced team when you call or send an email. Optuma support gives you timely and knowledgable answers to your questions. Our experienced and friendly support team are ready to help you.

Financial analysis your way

Optuma gives you a customised experience to visualise your analysis free of barriers so you can set up strategies that are comfortable and will work for you.

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The best plan for you depends on which extra features are important to you. Typically for private traders we recommend Optuma Trader. We have many private traders who prefer Optuma Professional. Check out our list of features to decide which is the right one for you.

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On our price page you can pick the plan you want, and decide if you want to trial or purchase immediately. We recommend you trial first so you can make sure Optuma suits your trading needs.

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Optuma has many different tools you can add on to whichever plan you buy. To see a full list of Optuma’s tools check out our knowledge base.

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Our team has developed several resources to assist you in getting started with Optuma.

Upon signing up for a trial or purchasing Optuma, every user will receive a welcome email series with videos on getting started. In addition, we offer free courses on advanced Optuma features and tools on learn.optuma. To quickly find answers to any question you may have, Optuma’s knowledge base contains written breakdowns of all tools, features, and processes. If you require more personalized assistance, you may schedule a consultation call with one of our experts.

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