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Choose from Trader, Professional, or Enterprise packages and access up to 340+ tools and indicators

Optuma Trader

for the highly disciplined private trader

$ 1,495 12 months
  • 12 Months of Optuma Trader Services
  • 5 EOD Data Groups of Your Selection
  • Basic Support
  • Unlimited Charting *
  • Access to 24 Chart Styles
  • Access to Over 240 Unique Tools
  • No External Data Fields Available
  • No Bloomberg Integration
  • No Custom Market Breadth

Optuma Professional

for professional traders and analysts

$ 2,195 12 months
  • 12 Months of Professional Services
  • 10 EOD Data Groups of Your Selection
  • Professional Support
  • Unlimited Charting *
  • Access to 30 Chart Styles
  • Access to Over 250 Unique Tools
  • External Data Fields Available
  • No Bloomberg Integration
  • No Custom Market Breadth

Optuma Enterprise

for institutional traders and analysts

$ 3,495 12 months
  • 12 Months of Enterprise Services
  • 45+ EOD Data Groups of Your Selection
  • Premium Support
  • Unlimited Charting *
  • Access to 33 Chart Styles
  • Access to Over 260 Unique Tools
  • External Data Fields Available
  • Bloomberg Integration
  • Custom Market Breadth

* You receive limitless financial analysis. Optuma offers unlimited charts, tools, and indicators per page. You also get full access to securities’ historical data.

Feature List


for the disciplined private trader


for professional traders & analysts


for institutional traders & analysts

Basic Charts

Bar Chart

Candlestick Chart

Line Chart

Gann Swing Chart

Kagi Chart

Point Swing Chart

Percent Swing Chart

Renko Chart

Notes Chart

Seasonality Chart




Sector Map

Spread Chart

Text Chart

Intermediate Charts

Point & Figure Chart

Range Chart

Relative Comparison Chart

Historical Comparison Chart

Relative Rotation Graphs




Forex Relative Rotation Graphs

Script Chart



Column Chart



Scatter Plot

Bubble Chart

Size Chart

Watch Tile Chart

Advanced Charts

Script Bar Chart

3D Chart

Regression Chart

Frequency Distribution Chart

Custom Sector Map

Curve Chart

Correlation Grid Chart

Pairs Grid Chart

Quantitative Features

Scanning Manager

Back Tester

Signal Tester

Trade Tester


Price Alerts

Technical Alerts

Time Alerts

Line Alerts


Optuma EOD Data

Intraday Local Imports

Connect to External Data Fields

EOD Local Imports

Custom Codes

Connect to 3rd party Realtime Data Providers*

Custom Market Breadth

Bloomberg Integration

Export Watchlist Data to Excel


Customer Support

Basic Support

Professional Support

Premium Support

General Technical Features

Workbooks & Watchlists

Advanced Watchlist Features

Publishing Module

Custom Layouts

Basic Gann Tools

Advanced Graphical Interface

Customisable Toolbars

Build Your Own Tools

Build Your Own Scans and Backtests

Place & Manage Trades from Charts **

Training Mode & Trade Tracker

Multi-Monitor Support

Custom Timeframes

Multi-Touch Integration

View a complete list of all Optuma’s tools on our knowledge base. If you’re looking for a specific tool or feature and can’t find it, ask our support team.




Not Included


= Included With Subscription


=Aditional Fees May Apply


=Needs Interactive Brokers API connection.


1. The initial payment for the software licence includes 12 months of support, end of day data, updates and upgrades. The various service levels also include access to different modules. You will have 12 months of access to those also.

2. The on-going payment. After the initial 12 months, you can elect to pay monthly or annually. Annual payment will save you 10% or more. You will have access to support, end-of-day data, updates & upgrades, and service-level modules including support for 3rd party real-time data connections.

“I’m a Financial Advisor that manages money for individuals in addition to small business & corporate retirement plans. I came across Optuma during my studies for the CMT and decided to pull the trigger and purchase the software once I completed Level III. I am blown away by the functionality of the software. I can honestly say that Optuma software has made my job easier and more efficient. I am about a year into having Optuma, and I am still only scratching the surface on what is available within the program. I think that is one of the greatest things about the Optuma software; the possibilities seem endless, so as much as you want to push yourself in regards to learning and research, Optuma is there to support you from a software aspect.”

– Jeff Husak

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For monthly renewals and payment plans, we only accept credit cards. On annual renewals and the initial purchase of Optuma you can use either credit card, direct deposit or crypto. Accepted crypto : BUSD, USDCoin, USDT.

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We offer refunds depending on the situation. To learn more take a look at our terms and conditions.

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Yes, if the tool package is available in the store. There are no restrictions to purchasing additional tools regardless of subscription.
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Yes, you can choose not to renew at any time and retain access until the end of your subscription cycle. If you are using a payment plan, we have terms included in the payment plan agreement. 

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Yes, all packages receive email support. Professional and Enterprise packages come with Premium Support.