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The Death Cross Strikes Again

This week we have experienced the day that unleashes an avalanche of tweets, posts, and air-raid sirens. It is the day the perpetual bears have been waiting for. It’s the day of the death cross! Many commentators will make a huge deal about this, they will tell us this is the beginning of the end and we are due for a long bear market correction. They could be right – but is that likely?

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Optuma Testing Errors

This post is an update on some errors we have found with our testing tools. Being open about issues like this is very important to us.

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Working with EDFs – Part 2

In Part 1 we saw how External Data Fields (EDFs) can be used throughout Optuma. This week I want to show you how EDFs can be used to setup your own mini Portfolio Manager.

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Working with EDFs – Part 1

External Data Fields (EDFs) allow you to import, or input, custom values on a code-by-code basis, which can then be referenced throughout Optuma. This article will provide several examples of what you can do using EDFs.

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Calculating Drawdowns

Learn how to create a custom tool to calculate average and maximum drawdowns, and download a workbook example.

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I’m a Survivor

Survivorship Bias is one of the most important issues that faces anyone doing quantitative analysis of technical models. Finally we have the ability to see how much it effects our results.

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