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Support vs Consultation

Providing exceptional and timely support continues to be a staple of our company since 1996.Β 

Contact our support desk at help.optuma.com for any help with your software or data. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how soon you get a response from our experienced support team.

When does support turn into a consultation? This depends on how long it takes to assist you. We limit support experiences to 10 minutes unless the issue concerns our services.

We produce quality videos, articles, and resources to ensure a quick answer to support issues. If your need is longer, we’ll let you know if it’s beyond the scope of typical support and will discuss setting up a consultation with you.

Services Offered

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Useful for when you have a well defined process and you need to get Optuma set up in the shortest time possible. Our Software Specialists will discuss your specific needs and advise on the best way to set Optuma up for you. If you need further help getting started we can connect remotely to your computer. We also offer onsite visits.

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Do you have technical ideas you want to test in a quantitative way? Perhaps you need the confidence from research before you put your life savings into the market. Savvy clients and employers require you to have fully tested your ideas before they are willing to commit any money. You may need solid research results to show your employer or clients.

Optuma has all the quantitative tools you need to achieve this. Are you sure you understand how to test? Do you know how to avoid the common mistakes that make typical back testing results hard to repeat in real life?

Our Quantitative Specialists work with you to codify your rules, define the right testing framework, advise on data and time-frames to test, and provide guidance on ways to improve results without over-fitting the data.

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Optuma has one of the easiest scripting languages in the financial software industry. The power, flexibility, and raw speed of the language is astounding. Our focus is on making scripting available to everyone, not just programmers. We’ve created resources for you to find the answers you need. Search our scripting forum and comprehensive video courses.

There are times when you may need more help in setting up your scripts. Our specialists are available to help you. In a scripting consultation we discuss your requirements and tell you if we think it’s achievable or not. For more complex scripts we often do the work off-line and, when needed, get our developers involved. They have a unique way of looking at the problem.

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Software and technology changes fast. Keeping up with change is critical for your company. How do you navigate the abundance of products available? We can help. Our Specialists take your goals and budget and define a staged plan outlining how you can achieve your goals.

β€œAre you going to tell me to buy Optuma?” Not if that isn’t the best way for you to achieve your goals. We only recommend our products when we know they will add value to you.Β 

A great example of our Specialists working to solve your needs is our design and implementation of a virtual server solution in one of the world’s largest buy-side firms. The server reads holdings and ratings (and many other data points) and makes them available to users within the firm. The solution keeps all the data inside the firm to satisfy compliance issues while giving their analysts instant insights they previously had limited access to.Β 

Contact us if you have a large project you need help with and find out if our consulting services are a match for you.

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Computers and the software we run them on have changed the way we work. When everything works, it’s great! Unfortunately there are times when failures happen and you need to rebuild. Our support staff can help you rebuild your Optuma setup on your current PC or when you get a new one. We also help with issues sharing work via cloud drives. So long as you still have access to your work or a recent backup we can help you.

Consultation Fees

Consulting fees are quoted as an hourly charge and billed in 6-minute increments with a 30-minute minimum. If onsite consultation is required, additional costs for travel and accommodation expenses will be added to the consulting fee.Β 

  • Software Consultation $100 Per Hour
  • Technology Consultation $100 Per Hour
  • Strategy Consultation $150 Per Hour
  • Scripting Consultation $150 Per Hour
  • Enterprise Consultation $200 Per Hour

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