Solutions for Professional Analysts

  • Technical analysis tools for in-depth market research
  • Streamline your workflow with powerful, time-saving features
  • Create stunning, professional-grade reports with ease
  • Customisable interface to match your workflow and preferences
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Everything You Need in One Place

Your all-in-one financial analysis platform. Analyse multiple asset classes, create reports, and review your analysis with ease. 

  • No more crowded Excel sheets
  • Analyse multiple assets on a single page
  • View multiple charts, tools, and indicators at one time
  • Clearly see your results with modern charts and tools

Less Grind, More Productivity

Minimise repetitive tasks and maximise your productivity. Optuma streamlines analysis across multiple charts so you can work smarter, not harder.

  • An intelligent layout system distinguishes universal analysis tools from code-specific tools to organise and access your analysis with ease
  • Change your perspective with a single click using Page Layouts

“Having a subscription to Optuma is like having a young, incredibly intelligent, malleable human mind, combined with computer processing power at your fingertips. It’s as if when you login for the very first time, a computer genius welcomes you at the door and asks, “What would you like to do?”  …and, at least for me, Optuma can do virtually anything.”

– Adam Koos, CMT, President / Portfolio Manager, Libertas Wealth Management Group Inc

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Advanced Tools and Charts at Your Fingertips

  • Make statistically driven decisions using Optuma’s unique signal tester. Optuma is the only TA software that allows you to signal test
  • Build your own custom signals, indicators, and ranking system tailored to your requirements
  • Complete list of features and tools

Software That Works With You

One size does not fit all. Most analysis programs lock you into pre-set layouts with no regard for your preferences. Optuma lets you customise a Dashboard UI to suit your requirements.

  • Have the flexibility to analyse any size market using Optuma’s unlimited watchlists
  • Never miss a beat. With script-powered custom labels, you can quickly gauge the performance of your portfolio or trading universe

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For professional traders and analysts we recommend Optuma Professional. We have professional traders who prefer Optuma Enterprise. Check out our full list of features to help make your decision.

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Optuma has many different tools you can add on to whatever plan you buy. To see a full list of Optuma’s tools check out our knowledge base.

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Our team has developed several resources to assist you in getting started with Optuma.

Upon signing up for a trial or purchasing Optuma, every user will receive a welcome email series with videos on getting started. In addition, we offer free courses on advanced Optuma features and tools on learn.optuma. To quickly find answers to any question you may have, Optuma’s knowledge base contains written breakdowns of all tools, features, and processes. If you require more personalized assistance, you may schedule a consultation call with one of our experts.

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