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  • Simplify your financial analysis with our all-in-one platform
  • Stay ahead of the curve with the most advanced charts and tools on the market
  • Personalise your analysis with a simple, customisable interface that adapts to your workflow
  • Unparalleled support from our dedicated team
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Everything you need in one place

Forget about the days of jumping between excel and your chart provider. With Optuma you can have hundreds of securities in a watchlist tied directly to your charts all on the same page.

Costly mistakes are in the past

We easily design and build a unifying solution that gets rid of laborious tasks while removing the chances of simple errors that lead to costly mistakes. It’s your data seamlessly combined with market data and presented with complete flexibility.

Advanced tools for accurate analysis

Stay ahead of the curve. Optuma provides you with the most advanced charts, tools, alerts, and techniques available

“As a fund manager and trader, I need a consistently reliable tool that can not only do the simple things such as trend analysis but allow me to undertake advanced analysis in market timing and other advanced theories, which Optuma does with ease. I also need to collaborate with other analysts, create presentations and many other things in my role, and it seems that no matter what road I chose to take my analysis down or what my needs are Optuma already has what I need before I even know I need it.”

– Dale Gillham, Chief Analyst, Wealth Within

Be confident in your analysis

Take your analysis to the next level with Optuma’s in-house quantitative analysis tool.
You no longer have to rely on backtesting programs with skewed results or a team of quantitative analysts.
Define the conditions you want to test and the universe of securities you want to test on. Optuma does the rest.

Show your true worth with Optuma’s publishing

Optuma’s publishing allows you to quickly create professional reports. With a click of a button, share your charts with clients to show them what you’re working on. 

Expert support whenever you need it

 Optuma’s support is unequaled in the industry. Whether you need help getting started, or you have a complex model you need help with, let us know. Our specialised and friendly support staff make sure all questions are answered quickly.

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Optuma has many different tools you can add on to whichever package you buy. To see a full list of Optuma’s tools check out our knowledge base.

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Our team has developed several resources to assist you in getting started with Optuma.

Upon signing up for a trial or purchasing Optuma, every user will receive a welcome email series with videos on getting started. In addition, we offer free courses on advanced Optuma features and tools on learn.optuma. To quickly find answers to any question you may have, Optuma’s knowledge base contains written breakdowns of all tools, features, and processes. If you require more personalized assistance, you may schedule a consultation call with one of our experts.

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