Optuma vs StockCharts

Optuma. The alternative to Stockcharts when you need more from your software.

Optuma is a modern, powerful alternative to StockCharts giving you access to a wider range of charts, indicators, and data options without any software limits.

Built for Professionals

Designed to be the sole solution for portfolio managers and analysts. Enjoy using software with the power to do anything you need it to.

Extensive Tool List

Optuma's base plan comes with 24 chart styles and over 240 tools. Analyse the markets the way you want without having to worry about extra fees.

Expert Support Team

It's no secret we have the best support team in the industry. Our in-house software experts are available at extended hours so you get the help you deserve when you need it.

Compare Optuma and StockCharts
Unlimited Indicators per chart
Number of Exchanges
10 data exchanges
46 data exchanges
Unlimited Alerts
Unlimited Scans
Unlimited Chart Layouts
Free Learning Material
Historical Data
Depends on the plan - 1980 or 1900 for Pro
Full history as far back as the 1800s
# of Unique Charts
24 to 33 (depending on the package)
# of Unique Indicators
Over 95
240 to 260 (depending on the package)
TrustPilot Reviews
Build custom tools
Active Blog
Simple Scripting Language
Web-based software

Why market professionals are switching to Optuma

Find out some of the reasons people are switching to Optuma for their financial analysis software...

A helpful support team

Optuma’s support team is a top reason people switch and stay with Optuma. You don’t have to wait 24 hours or more to get the help you deserve. Our highly trained team are ready to answer your questions.

Software with no limits

Optuma gives you limitless financial analysis. You get unlimited charts, tools, and indicators per page. You also get full access to securities’ historical data.

Powerful backtester and scanning software

Optuma gives you back-testing and scanning tools built to remove survivorship bias and highlight profitable opportunities. Read more about Optuma’s back-tester here.

A scripting language that's easy to learn

Designed to be as simple as Excel formulas, there’s no need to have any coding skills to use Optuma’s scripting language. We also provide free scripting courses for all Optuma clients.

Kyle Crystal profile picture

Technicals are all about visualizing data and Optuma clearly has the most advanced graphics of all technical platforms. The use of “layers” allows a user to organize and manipulate data in ways that are impossible with other software programs. I use this product every day to help manage various portfolios and I encourage everyone to try it out.

Kyle Crystal, CMT
Portfolio Manager, Crystal Capital Advisors, LLC

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