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Helping you succeed is what we do.

Optuma exists to help anyone who is serious about financial analysis. Whether you are a disciplined private trader, the portfolio manager of a trillion dollar fund, or an analyst selling research publications, we have built solutions to help you make better decisions and to simplify your work-flow.

Our products and services exist for you and to make your life easier. As a nimble engineering company, we take pride in quickly delivering outstanding quality to all our clients.

Leveraging Technology is how we help.

From software to education to consultation, we are dedicated to providing you with the very best solutions. Since 1996, with unrelenting customer obsession, ingenuity, and commitment to excellence, we have been helping traders, analysts and portfolio managers gain unique insights into the markets. Whether you publish chart books, quantitatively test strategies, or subjectively focus on a handful of securities, we have a solution to help you.


How we can help you…

Software Solutions

The foundation of Optuma is the highly advanced —but easy to use—software. If you are looking for a package that will give you unique insights then you need to trial the Optuma Software.

Enterprise Solutions

Optuma has worked with some of the world’s largest firms to integrate internal data (portfolios, ratings, and benchmarks) into a seamless experience. We can help your company with a custom solution.


From blogs, to CMT courses, to strategy training, or even courses on getting the most out of the Optuma software, our Optuma experts are here to help you.

Gann Solutions

Optuma has the world’s most comprehensive Gann module available. If you are a student of the geometric and esoteric works of Gann, you will want to add this module into your copy of Optuma.

Web Based Solutions

Do you need a browser based chart and data solution? Optuma has produced incredible web products that can help you achieve what you need.


Whether you need help quantitatively testing ideas, or you are looking for bespoke solutions to internal issues, Optuma has specialists and engineers who can help give you the answers you need.

RRG Solutions

Relative Rotation Graphs are one of the biggest breakthroughs in financial analysis in the 21st century. Not only are the most advanced version of these charts available in Optuma software, but Optuma also represents RRG Research in the production of custom solutions for other products. Let us know if you want to implement RRGs into your products.

Quantitative Solutions

Do you want to quantitatively test your strategies without needing to learn how to program? Optuma software can help. The Optuma quantitative tools are so fast that a 10 hour testing process can be carried out in seconds. 


When you need to communicate your ideas to your clients, you need the best publishing tools you can get. Optuma’s publishing module allows you to produce perfect charts with annotations and recommendations. Whether PDF, PowerPoint, or web publishing, Optuma takes the hard work out of publishing.

What our clients say…

I have been using Optuma for around 18 years now both as an government accredited educator, and as a professional fund manager and private trader. As an educator, Optuma makes my job very easy as it has inbuilt tools that help me develop content and teach. It is also simple enough for beginners to use, yet is powerful enough to allow them to develop their skills and knowledge to a high level.

As a fund manager and trader, I need a consistently reliable tool that can not only do the simple things such as trend analysis but allow me to undertake advanced analysis in market timing and other advanced theories, which Optuma does with ease. I also need to collaborate with other analysts, create presentations and many other things in my role, and it seems that no matter what road I chose to take my analysis down or what my needs are Optuma already has what I need before I even know I need it.

Dale Gillham

Chief Analyst/Executive Director, Wealth Within

The best thing about Optuma is that they develop what we traders need and wish. The user interface is extremely user friendly. The tools and scripts can very easily be adjusted. It’s no longer work, it is fun! And if I got stuck, the support has always shown me a solution!

Martin Biber

Gründer & Partner, BiberHummel AG

Technicals are all about visualizing data and Optuma clearly has the most advanced graphics of all technical platforms. The use of “layers” allows a user to organize and manipulate data in ways that are impossible with other software programs. I use this product every day to help manage various portfolios and I encourage everyone to try it out.

Kyle Crystal, CMT

Portfolio Manager, Crystal Capital Advisors, LLC

“Please excuse my language, but holy crap, Optuma continues to blow me away.

Difficult time stringing words together but feature after feature astounds me… i.e., the ability to highlight numerous tools/lines/etc and make it a quick button up top is crazy.

Multi time frame analysis with different periods/averages on the same chart… multi currency – wow.

Flexibility to deal with multiple markets at the same time…. you guys don’t need to give me more reasons to love this thing!”

David Cox, CFA, CMT, FCSI, FMA, BMath

Portfolio Manager, CIBC Wood Gundy

I’ve been using Optuma for nearly 2 years and I chose it as my TA platform because of the company’s dedication to creating the best possible experience for the end user. It’s a platform that really caters to technicians and the company is constantly looking for ways to improve it.

I like Optuma because it’s user friendly, while giving you various tools to work with. It makes it easy for me to organize my work and has allowed me to produce more in less time. The efficiency of report production is remarkable.

I’m able to use Market Analyst on all of my computers, anywhere, any time. I can link market data from various sources or work offline.

Finally, the support staff are friendly, responsive and knowledgeable when I need help with the platform.

Jeff DeSanti, CMT

Technical Analyst and Global Macro Trader, Trigon Investment Advisors

Optuma Pricing

Optuma pricing is made up of two parts:

  1. The initial fee pays for the software licence, and also includes 12 months of support, end of day data, updates and upgrades. The various service levels also include access to different modules, so you will have 12 months of access to those too.
  2. The on-going monthly fees. After the initial 12 months, you can elect to pay these monthly or pre-pay annually and save 10%. Again these fees give you access to support, end-of-day data, updates & upgrades, and service level modules.

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