Optuma brings you one of the easiest to use formula languages ever seen in a trading platform. Many of the modules in Optuma use this language (including Watchlists, the Back Tester, Scanning Manager and Alerts Manager) providing you with a high level of customisation. Video tutorials here.

Formulas and Scripting Functions

Information on some of the more popular scripting functions and formulas in Optuma.

Scripting Tools

A list of all the tools that relate to scripting in Optuma.

Bar Variables and Properties

Conditional IF Statements

Crosses Operators

Custom Code Builder

Custom Codes

Custom Index

Default Optuma Scripts

Examples of Scripting Formulas

Exporting and Importing Scripts

Formula Functions & General Interface

Getting Started with Optuma Scripting

Logical Operators

Multi-Plot Shading

Optuma Scripting Functions Table

Optuma Scripting Support Guidelines

Script Editor Overview

Scripting Aliases

Scripts Supporting Mouse Click to Set Price

Self Referencing Scripts

Show Bar Offsets

Smart Operator List

Timeframe Overrides