Custom Codes

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Jan 31, 2023 12:59


Custom Codes allow you to enter a script directly into the Security Selector to generate a range of chart types, from simple spread charts, to the more exotic types of charts, such as weighted indexes generated from selected for a custom list of security codes.

Once a custom code has been created, you can access it like a normal data file.


This video is pulled from the Optuma 101 course that you can access here. This course takes you through the basics of Optuma and helps you get up and running and using Optuma to its full potential. In this video, Darren Hawkins, MSTA, takes us through how to open, build and edit Custom Codes in Optuma.

Opening a Custom Code

  1. Press F3 on your keyboard.

  2. The Security Selector window will open. Left-click the code entry field:

Custom Codes 1

  1. Type the script you wish to use into the code entry field. For example:
  1. Press Enter on your keyboard, and a chart will open, using the formula you entered to generate the value. In the example listed in Step 3, an addition spread of AMP and BHP.

The next time you open the Security Selector window, a new folder will be added on the left-hand side called Custom Codes. From there you can open any charts you have created previously.

Advanced Custom Codes

The Custom Codes can include tools such as moving averages, or basic scripts to determine a code’s weighting when creating a custom index. For more complex examples use the Custom Code Builder under the Data menu button.

For example:

=(.2*(AMP AU Equity))+(.4*(BHP AU Equity))+(.1*(NAB AU Equity))+(.3*(WES AU Equity))

In this example, a custom index would be created where BHP (sourced from Bloomberg) had the greatest weighting, and NAB would have the smallest weighting.

Deleting Custom Codes

You can delete a Custom Code you have previously created by:

  1. Press F3 on your keyboard

  2. The Security Selector window will open. Left-click the Custom Codes folder.

  3. Locate the Custom Code you wish to delete, right-click it and select the Remove Code option.

Custom Codes 2