Gann and Astro

Do you have the Gann Lite or GannTrader edition of Optuma? Are you interested in Gann and Astro analysis in Optuma? See the articles here for more information.

Astro Tools

Below is a list of all the tools in the Astro tool group.


See here for information on how to use the Gann and Astro charts in Optuma.

Gann Tools

Below you find a list of all the tools that belong in the Gann Tool Group in Optuma.

These tools are only available as an add-on module available from the Store.

Astro Tools and Scripting

Astro Tools applied to Swing Charts

Custom Colours for Astronomical Items

Gann Square Tools - Square Division Properties

Geomagnetic Data

How to Manually Import Additional Planets/Asteroids

Orb Properties

Price Units, Factors, and Harmonics for Gann Tools

Sunspot Data