Charts are the starting point of Technical Analysis. We apply tools to them, measure from them, we even invert and stretch them. Optuma has a variety of charts available with an exceptional level of interaction and control.


Layouts allow for greater flexibility and easier access to your favorite charts and forms of analysis. To see how to take advantage of this simple and time-saving tool, look no further.


Templates are a legacy feature in Optuma and have been replaced with Chart Layouts and Page Layouts.

However, it is possible to access these features under Settings > Workspace > General > Enable Legacy Templates.

Watchlists and Watchtiles

Watchlists and Watchtiles allow for an easier viewing experience of large lists, such as the ASX 200, S&P 500, or your own portfolio.

3D Chart

Bar Chart

Bubble Charts

Candlestick Chart

Chart Annotations

Chart Overlays, Merge & New Window

Convert Charts in to another Currency

Correlation Grid Chart

Curve Chart

Custom Bar/Tool Colours controlled by Script Formulas

Frequency Distribution Chart

Gann Swing Charts

Heikin-Ashi Candles

Historical Comparison Chart

Kagi Chart

Line Chart

Market Intelligence Charts

Notes Chart

Notes Journal

Pairs Grid Chart

Percent Swing Chart

Point Swing Chart

Point and Figure Chart

Range Chart

Regression Chart

Relative Comparison Chart

Relative Rotation Graphs - Lite

Relative Rotation Graphs - RRG

Relative Rotation Graphs for Forex

Relative Strength Charts

Renko Chart

Scatter Plot Charts

Script Bar Chart

Script Chart

Seasonality Chart

Sector Maps

Single Code Column Chart

Size Chart

Spread Chart

Text Chart