Single Code Column Chart

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Feb 25, 2017 07:50


The Single Code Column Chart allows you to setup a number of scripts for a single code, with each column representing a different script.

Scripts can show a specific value (such as an RSI value), or a True False criteria (such as Close() > Close(1)) where True = 1 and False =0.

Each column can be customised to display a specific colour and label.

To open the chart, click on the New menu, expand Single Code Charts and left click the Column Chart option. The data selector window will open, type in the code you want to open the chart for and press Enter.

</span>## Actions & Properties


Clone Chart: Makes a carbon copy of the source chart alongside the original.

Print Chart: Creates a PDF file of the chart which can then be sent to a printer.

Restore Default Settings: Click this action if you have adjusted the default settings of the chart, and wish to return to the standard properties originally installed with Optuma.

Save Settings as Default: If you have adjusted any of the chart’s properties (such as the Colour Scheme or bar thickness, for example) you can save the adjustments as your new default setting. Each time you open a new chart it will display using the new settings.

Send To: Allows you to send the chart to an image file, or if you have the Publishing module to MS Word, Powerpoint, etc.

</span>### Properties

Column Scripts: Expands to show the section where Scripts are added / removed from the chart. From this window you can also adjust the colour of each column, and the label displayed along the bottom scale.

Date Range: Set to Last Year by default, allows you to adjust the amount of historical data you can scroll back through on the chart (via the history slider).
Auto Scale: Allows you to set how the scale of the column chart is calculated (Current Values, Historical Min / Max, or Manually).

Center Data: Enabled by default, this will keep the zero value centered on the chart.

Orientation: Select between Vertical (default) or Horizontal columns.

Date Control Link: When a standard chart (like a Bar Chart) is opened alongside the Single Code Column chart, a Date Control Link line will display on the Bar Chart. You can move this line to update the date the columns on the chart are displaying. Unticking this checkbox will hide the line from the bar chart.

Show History Slider: Allows you to show or hide the blue history slider positioned at the top of the Single Code Column Chart.</span>