Curve Chart

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Jul 23, 2020 00:58


For clients with a Professional or Enterprise Services subscription, Curve charts can be used to display multiple symbols in a time series, such as US Yield data (eg DGS5, DGS10 and DGS30 for 5, 10 and 30 year yields from the FRED Economic Database). There are two display options:

3D surface:

Click and drag the chart to move it, and roll the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Mousing over the chart displays the values at that date (highlighted in yellow), with a 2D representation in the bottom-right corner of the chart.

Curve Chart Large

2D Line:

Move the white line in the History Slider to the left to view the curve on a different date.

Curve Chart 2D
To open a Curve Chart click on New > Multi-Code Chart and enter the symbols required. Alternatively, if you have the symbols in a Symbol List or Watchlist you can Open List As > Curve:

Curve Chart Ope

Actions & Properties


Clone Chart: When selected the existing chart will be duplicated. It will be placed above the existing chart, from here it can either be moved to a new page or tiled alongside your existing chart(s).

Print Chart: Opens the page in a PDF document, which can then be printed.

Restore Default Settings: Click this action if you have adjusted the default settings of the Curve Chart, and wish to return to the standard properties originally installed with Optuma.

Save Settings as Default: If you have adjusted any of the Curve Chart properties you can save the adjustments as your new default setting. Each time you open a new Curve Chart it will display using the new settings.

Send To: This option allows the current chart to be saved as either an image file or saved to the clipboard and be pasted elsewhere. If you have Enterprise Services then the additional options of sending the chart to Powerpoint, Word and Outlook are also available.



Date Range: This setting allows you to choose how much historical data is displayed on the chart. By default, the last year’s data will be displayed.

Display Style: Show either as a 3D Surface or 2D Line.

Show Values: Tick this box to show the data in a box to the right of the chart.

Scales Font Size: Allows you to increase or decease the font size of the scales.

Show History Slider: Allows you to show or hide the History Slider along the top of the Curve Chart.

Linked to List: You can link the Curve Chart to a preset list of symbols contained within a Scan, Symbol List or CSV file. If linked to a scan, the Curve Chart will update automatically with new results each time the scan is ran.