Chart Overlays, Merge & New Window

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Jan 31, 2023 12:55

Chart Overlays

The chart overlay facility enables you to show multiple charts overlayed on each other.

There are 3 overlay options:

  • Overlay Left Scale: When this option is selected, the original chart will display its scale on the right, and the newly overlayed chart’s scale will display on the left.
  • Overlay No Scale: When this option is selected, the original chart’s scale is not adjusted. No scale is displayed for the newly overlayed chart.
  • Overlay Right Scale: When this option is selected, the original chart’s scale is replaced with the newly overlayed chart’s scale.

Overlay Options

To overlay a chart, open a new chart. Once opened, right-click on a blank area of the chart and select the New Items icon and select the overlay option you desire from the menu.

The Data selector window will display. Enter the security code you want to overlay and press Enter on your keyboard. The overlaid charts will then display, as per this example with XJO on the right-scale and ANZ on the left scale:

Chart Overlay

New Window

This option will add the selected symbol to a window below the primary chart (the way a volume tool would). Both charts use the same date scale so when adjusting the chart view they will both move together.

By default the second chart will display as a line, but this can be adjusted to a Bar or Candlestick chart in the properties:

New Window

You can also adjust the title of the overlay window. To do this, left click the overlay line and go to the left side properties panel. Enter the desired text in the Tool Name field and the window label will update.



Similar to the overlay options the Merge option also under the New Items icon will place the second chart on the same price scale as the original. This is best used when the prices of the two charts are similar, such as this example showing US bond yields from the FRED database:



This video is pulled from the Optuma 101 course that you can access here. This course takes you through the basics of Optuma and helps you get up and running and using Optuma to its full potential. This video will take you through how to apply a chart overlay to get multiple charts on the same page.