Gann Tools

Below you find a list of all the tools that belong in the Gann Tool Group in Optuma.

These tools are only available as an add-on module available from the Store.

Division of 3rds

Division of 8ths

Dynamic Gann Fan Angles

Dynamic Gann Levels

Dynamic Hex Intervals

Dynamic Square of 9

Gann Box

Gann Day Count

Gann Fan Angles

Gann Mass Pressure

Gann Measured Degree Line

Gann Single Degree Line

Gann Square Markers

Gann Square Range

Gann Square Range Angle

Gann Square Range Marker

Gann Square Swing Markers

Gann Square Top/Bottom

Gann Squares

Gann’s Pattern of Vibration

High/Low Degree Angles

Number Searcher

Overlay Tool

Pattern Matcher

Price Division


Seven Times The Base

Square of 9 Dates

Square of 9 Gann Fan

Square of 9 Intervals

Static Square of 9

Static Wheel of 24

Time Division of 3rds

Time Division of 8ths

Time Price Labels

Time Price Measure

Triple Octave Support and Resistance

Triple Octave Time Support and Resistance Lines

Zero Degree Angles

Zero Price Fan