Time Price Measure

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Jun 18, 2021 14:48
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The Time Price Measure tool calculates time counts and price level information between two selected points on the chart. It is similar to the Time Price Labels tool but draws a line connecting the two points, and allows for custom labels to be added. The tool can either connect the two points directly with a straight line as per the example below in green, or draw lines via the label (in red).


To add custom labels click the Show Labels property and click the ‘+’ to add a label. In this example, AvgBar has been added which is the Range (abs(P2-P1)) divided by the number of bars (abs(I2 - I1)) to calculate the average price move per bar between the two points.

abs(P2 - P1) / abs(I2 - I1)

Time Price Measure 2

Gann users wishing to know the Price Unit being used can add a label with the UNIT expression:


To add the tool to your chart, select the tool from the Gann tool group, and left-click on the first bar you want to calculate the tool from. Next, left-click on the bar where you want to calculate the tool to. Optuma will then draw the tool using the default settings.

Actions & Properties



Add to Toolbar: Adds the selected tool to your custom toolbar.

Apply Settings to All: When multiple Time Price Measure tools have been applied to a chart, page or workbook, this action can be used to apply the settings of the one selected to other instances of the tool. This is a great time saver if an adjustment is made to the tool - such as line colour - as this allows all the other Time Price Measure tools in the chart, page or entire workbook to be updated instantly.

Copy Tool: Allows you to copy the selected tool, which can then be pasted onto a different chart window.

Move to Back: If the tool is displaying in front of other tools or indicators clicking this action will move the tool view to the background.

Move to Front: If the tool is displaying behind other tools or indicators on the chart, clicking this action will bring the tool to the forefront.

Restore Default Settings: Click this action if you have adjusted the default settings of the tool, and wish to return to the standard properties originally installed with Optuma.

Save Settings as Default: If you have adjusted any of the tool’s properties (colour, for example) you can save the adjustments as your new default setting. Each time you apply a new Time Price Measure to a chart, the tool will display using the new settings.

Delete: Deletes the tool from the chart.


TPMScript2Tool Name: Allows for the name of the tool to be changed, as displayed in the Structure Panel.
Show Labels: Allows you to enable / disable various labels as well as add your own custom labels using scripts by pressing the blue + button:

  • Show All
  • Start Date
  • Start Price
  • End Date
  • End Price
  • Range - The difference in price between the two points.
  • Range % - The percentage difference in price between the two points.
  • Log Price % - The logarithmic percentage difference in price between the two points.
  • Bars - The number of bars between the two points.
  • Days - The number of calendar days between the two points.
  • Solar Degrees - The distance between the two points measured in solar degrees.
  • Average Volume
  • Cumulative Volume
  • Price Unit: This can be manually added using the expression UNIT.
  • Show Line: Uncheck this box to remove the line connecting the selected points.

    Show Script Labels: This checkbox allows you to include a scripted value in the Time Price Measure label.

Formula: If the Show Script Label checkbox is ticked, this property will appear. Clicking the icon will open the script manager, where you can select a saved script or enter a new script.

Expression: If the Show Script Label checkbox is ticked, this property will appear. This property controls how the script value is handled between the two selection points of the TPM tool. S1 = the script value at the first point, S2 = the script value at the second point. By default the expression will be set to S2 - S1.

The expression label of the TPM is showing the difference in value between a 50SMA from the start and end point of the TPM tool.

Lock Label to Line: Check the box to draw lines from the selected points to the label.

Alignment: The label can be placed in different positions in relation to the Time Price Measure line. There are 8 options available: Top Left, Top Right, Centre Top, Bottom Left, Bottom Right, Centre Bottom, Centre Left and Centre Right.

Font Size: Allows you to adjust the size of the text displayed for each price label. Moving the slider bar to the right increases the font size.
Line Style: The Line Style property allows you to adjust the type of line displayed. There are 8 options available: Solid, Dots, Dash, Dash Dots, Long Dash, Long Dash Dot, Long Dash Dot Dot and Stippled.

Line Width: Allows you to adjust the width of the line. Moving the slider bar to the right increases the thickness of the line.

Line Colour: Allows you to select the colour of the label. Clicking on the drop down arrow will display a colour swatch. Locate the desired colour and left-click it once to select it.

Tool Transparency: Use this slider bar to adjust the transparency of the tool. Moving the slider to the left will increase the transparency.

Visible: Un-tick this checkbox to hide the tool from the chart.