Smart Operator List

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Aug 7, 2020 00:02

The following table contains a list of scripting operators designed to simplify common tasks.

Operator Name Description
ChangeTo ChangeTo Can be used to signal when a value changes, eg when a variable with multiple values (eg custom rank) changes to 3: V1 ChangeTo 3.
Crosses CrossesAbove, CrossesBelow, Crosses These operators trigger a true condition when values cross, eg RSI() CrossesAbove 70. Crosses will show in either direction.
IsUp, IsDown IsUp, IsDown Returns whether the source data is higher/lower than the previous value, eg MA(BARS=200) IsUp.
Turns TurnsUp, TurnsDown, Turns Includes TurnsUp, TurnsDown, and Turns for changes in direction, eg MA(BARS=50) TurnsUp