End-of-Day Data Options

With your subscription to Optuma, you automatically have access to the multitude of End Of Day exchanges that we have available for you. These articles give you all the information you need on these exchanges including a list of all of the exchanges that are available, how to modify and adjust your available Optuma EOD data, and more.

Australian Equities - Size Index Constituents

Australian and US Market Holidays - 2024

CBOE Indices Data

Commodity Futures Contract Symbology

End-of-Day Cryptocurrency Data

Economic Data

How Do I Renew My Subscription?

My Data Isn’t Automatically Updating

Optuma Breadth Data

Optuma End-of-Day Data Selections

Optuma Fundamental Data - What data is available?

Optuma continuous futures contract data - Spot vs VolSpot

Short Interest Data

Survivorship Bias-Free Data

Updating only some Stocks in an Exchange

Using the US Federal Reserve Economic Data - FRED Database

World Commodities Data