Australian Equities - Size Index Constituents

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Aug 31, 2022 13:28


On the 6th of November 2020 the S&P Size Index constituent sub-folders will no longer be part of the ASX Shares exchange. This information will be available instead via Optuma Symbol Lists.


Q. Do I need to make any changes if I don’t use the constituent lists?
A. No, the data will continue to update for all individual codes in the ASX Shares exchange, it is only the S&P Size Index sub-folders that will no longer be available.


If you do not use these, no action is required.

Q: How do I add Optuma Symbol Lists to my account?
A: Click the My Account icon on the program’s welcome screen and in the page that opens select Modify Exchanges under the Products section, as per this video:

Q. How do I replace one of my existing data selections with Optuma Symbol Lists?
A. Submit a support ticket and tell us which data selection you would like to replace.

Q. If I have a Watchlist of the ASX 200 in a saved workbook will it remain available after November 6?
A. Your saved work won’t be affected. If you have a Watchlist of the ASX 200, etc it will remain in place and update the charts. However, this is a static list, so won’t change when companies are added/removed from the indices. Once you have Optuma Symbol Lists enabled you can link the Watchlist, etc to the list, so that anytime a change is made to the constituents, the Watchlist will update automatically.

Q. I have scans linked to these S&P folders - will I need to change anything?
A. The scan will remain, but after November 6th you will need to change the Codes to Scan from the old data folder to the new Symbol List, eg ASX 200 under the Lists tab:


Q. If I have Lifetime Services are there any costs to add Symbol Lists?
A. No - in fact they have already been added to your account.

For more information on Optuma Symbol Lists please refer to the following article: Optuma Symbol Lists