Optuma Symbol Lists

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Aug 26, 2022 13:48


The Symbol List Manager allows the import of security symbol lists from either CSV files, Bloomberg Portfolios, Excel spreadsheets or SQL databases. This list can then be used as a source to create anything in Optuma from Watchlists to Relative Rotation Graphs®, and can also be used for scans or system tests.

Automatic Optuma Symbol Lists are also available, which contain the constituent symbols of a number of global indices, including ASX200, FTSE100, DAX, MSCI Japan, NSE Nifty, S&P 500 and industry sectors, and the TSX Composite. These can be enabled as part of your data subscription.

Note: Members of the ASX indices are now available here and not in the S&P folder under ASX Shares.

To access the Symbol list Manager go to the File menu and select Open Symbol List, or click on the Symbol Lists tab on the Security Selection window.


Optuma Symbol Lists

The Optuma lists are grouped geographically, eg Asia Pacific (eg ASX, NIFTY), European (FTSE, DAX), North American (S&P500, Russell 2000) Depending on the exchanges you have enabled on your subscription will depend on the symbol lists you see. For example, you will need a US data subscription to see the S&P500, Russell 1000, or US industry ETF components, or Hong Kong data to see the members of the Hang Seng Index.

To modify your data subscription or add the Optuma Symbol List option sign in to your account page and scroll down to the data section.

The lists will be updated automatically regularly to account for delistings and additions. Clicking on the list name will display the members on the right, which can be opened as a Watchlist, RRG, or using a saved Page Layout under the Open List As… button.


Scanning on Symbol Lists

The Lists that you create can also be selected as a data source for the Scanning Manager.


If you are using a Watchlist, Watchtiles or the RRG then these can be linked to an existing List that you have created.

Optuma Symbol List Video

Survivorship Bias-Free Data

We have a number of Optuma Symbol Lists with survivorship bias-free membership data available. Based on the data that we have available, the dates that we have reliable historical data for will vary. You can find a full list of all Optuma Symbol Lists with historical data available, and the dates that they can be reliable used, at the link below:

Survivorship Bias-Free Data