Clone Charts and Pages

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Jun 26, 2021 02:35


Optuma has the ability to clone an individual chart or an entire page containing multiple charts.

This is a terrific time saver when you want to tinker with your existing analysis without losing your original work, or to duplicate work and change the timeframe without the need to reapply all of your tools and indicators again.

The cloned chart will contain all of the tools and settings contained in the original chart.


Cloning a page works in a similar way, however, it takes all of the charts located under a single page tab, and creates a duplicate page tab.

Clone a Chart

To Clone a chart:

  • Left-click on a blank area of the chart.
  • Go to the Actions section on the left-hand side panel.
  • Locate the Clone Chart option and left-click it once.


The cloned chart will float on top of the existing chart, allowing you to click and drag to the new new position, or drag to another monitor. As per the example above, the blue shaded area shows where it will be placed when the mouse button is released, so if dragged to the right side of the original chart it will automatically suggest half the screen so they will be the identical size (note: it will also automatically resize for thirds and quarters as the cursor moves closer to the edge).

If there is a blank area of the screen before you clone then the cloned chart will automatically fill that area.

Clone a Page

To Clone a page:

  • Right-click the page tab you wish to clone.
  • In the menu that displays locate the Clone Page option and left-click it once.


The cloned page containing all charts and tools will be added to the workbook.