This section will cover Optuma’s user interface, including creating and navigating workbooks, changing time frames and applying tools and indicators.

Adjusting Chart View

Backup via Command Line Window

Changing Time Frames

Chart Grouping

Clone Charts and Pages

Cloning a Layer

Copy and Paste Shortcuts


Custom Tool Tips and Crosshair Labels

Custom Toolbar

Custom Toolbar - Exporting & Importing Buttons

Customising Optuma

Cycle Pages

Data Update Alert

Full Screen View - F11

Grid Lines

History Slider

Importing & Exporting Layers

Info Panel

Locked Layers

Logarithmic Scaling

Magnetic Chart Edges



Multiple Screen Functionality

Navigating Pages

Opening Workbooks

Opening a Chart

Pinning Charts

Price Lock is “View Aware”

Printing Charts

Right-Click Interface

Saving Page as Image File

Screen Layout

Security Selection

Send Charts Directly to Twitter

Snap Cursor to Price

Stacked Studies

Structure Panel - Layers - Group Headers

Structure Panel and Layers

Tiling Charts

Time Frame Suffix

Titles in Indicator View Panels

Using the Time/Price Ratio to Scale a Chart

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