Custom Tool Tips and Crosshair Labels

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: May 10, 2019 19:38


You are able to update the Tool Tips and Crosshair labels (displayed when you hover over a bar) with customised values using scripts.

NOTE - to toggle Tool Tips on and off click the spanner/wrench icon on the left of the screen.


In the above example, the tips window is set up to show the RSI value, and whether the Closing price is higher than a 50EMA.

Setting Up Custom Tips

To set up a custom tip value, right-click on the Cross Hair icon on the left-hand side Action Bar:


Expand the Custom Labels section and the Scripts section:


Click on the + icon to add a new script to the tips window. Click the button to expand the Script Manager.

You can type in a custom script, or select a previously saved script.

The new value will begin displaying in the tips window right away.