Cloning a Layer

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Apr 1, 2020 05:25


Layers that sit in the Structures panel can be cloned for quick duplication of work / tools. To clone a layer go to the Structures panel on the far right hand side of the chart.

If the panel has been hidden go to the center right side of the chart and click the < arrow to display the panel.

Right click on the layer you wish to clone, and go to the Action (running man) icon.

Select the Clone Layer option from the menu that displays.

A duplicate layer will be created and added to the panel / chart.

The clone layer can now be adjusted / renamed and the underlying tools adjusted without affecting the original layer.

Cloning a View

From Optuma v1.5 and later you can also clone an entire view. In the Structures panel right click the View you wish to clone, go to the Actions (running man) icon and select Clone View from the menu.