Security Selection

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Mar 17, 2017 05:11


The Security Selection window in Optuma has been enhanced, so it is possible to set an exchange or a sector as a favourite, in addition, you can select securities directly from any available Symbol List.


If there are exchanges, a sector within an exchange or a Symbol List that you use regularly these can now be included in the Favourites tab. To do this left-click on the star icon that is displayed to the left of the exchange/sector or list.

In the below example, the ASX Shares exchange has been expanded to show Banks under the Financials sector, which has been added as a favourite.

When the Favourites tab is then selected, the ASX Shares:Banks folder will have been added to the data list.

Symbol Lists

The Symbol Lists tab provides access to the Symbol List Manager, which allows the importation of security lists from either CSV files, Bloomberg Portfolios, Excel spreadsheets or SQL databases. This list can then be used as a source to create anything in Optuma from Watchlists to Relative Rotation Graphs.