History Slider

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Jun 26, 2021 03:09


The History Slider in Optuma will display at the top of all charts, giving you a complete overview of the security’s historical movements, while also providing quick access to chart display properties (chart compression, etc).



The History Slider will divide the bar into yearly segments, with a lighter section highlighting the data currently displayed in the chart window. This highlighted section can be used to adjust the bar compression of the chart. To do this, left-click and drag on the ‘handles’ of the highlighted section on the left/right side to increase/decrease the chart’s compression.


To move the chart view back and forward through time, left click and hold on the highlight box and move the cursor in the direction you want the chart to move.

Show/Hide History Slider

An option has been added to the Page Properties that allows the History Slider to be hidden from view.

History Slider 3

To access this option either left-click on the page background to view the Properties in the Control Panel or right-click on the page background and access the Properties menu from the Right-Click menu.


Optuma Tip

If the History Slider has been moved double left-clicking on the shaded area will automatically reset the view back to the current data. Also, pressing the Home button on your keyboard will take you to the beginning of the chart, and the End button will take you back to the current price action.