Send Charts Directly to Twitter

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Oct 25, 2019 02:06

Charts can be sent from Optuma directly to your Twitter page (note: due to a change with their API, the option to connect to LinkedIn is no longer available). The post will contain a chart image, as well as any text you wish to include as a description. You can also include a link to include the workbook for other Optuma clients to download.

Important note: clients need Windows 10 to be able to use this feature.
To post a single chart on Twitter, right-click on the chart and select Send To > Twitter from under the Actions menu. (Note: if there are more than one charts on the page right-click on the page tab to send them all).

After a selection has been made you will be prompted to enter in your Twitter login details:

Important Notice: Across all social media platforms there are different levels of access available to 3rd party programs such as Optuma. Some platforms offer a lot of different access levels which can be customised to suit individual requirements, where as others only have a few options available which can not be modified.

Optuma will always use the minimum access level available to perform the steps required to post text and a chart image from Optuma to your social media feed. While additional features (such as adding a new follower) maybe available with the access level Optuma requires, they will not be utilised by the program.

If you have any concerns you can view our full privacy policy here.
Once you have logged in to Twitter, a preview of the post will be displayed:

  • Message: Here you can type in a message that will appear in your post.
  • Include Workbook: Ticking this checkbox will automatically upload your currently selected workbook and add a download link to your social media post for other Optuma clients to download and view.
  • Image Preview: This will show you a preview of the image you will be posting.

Click the Tweet button to upload your content, and the new post will display on your timeline immediately. Use Twitter to delete the post and to control who can see it.