Custom Toolbar - Exporting & Importing Buttons

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Nov 20, 2019 22:15

Following the Optuma 1.5 release, it’s possible to export custom toolbar buttons from one copy of Optuma and import them in another - especially useful for sharing with other Optuma users.

For more information on creating custom toolbar buttons see here.

To export the tools they have to be placed in a Folder first (click the + button on the toolbar and select Add Folder and drag the tools you wish to export in to the folder).

Once the tools are in the folder right-click on the folder button and select Export Tools:

This will create a .otb file on your system (in the Documents/Optuma/Local/Toolbar folder by default). This file can then be emailed, or copied to a shared drive or USB stick and then imported in another copy of Optuma by right-clicking on the toolbar and select Import Tools. In the window that opens navigate to the exported .otb file and click Open to add it to the toolbar:

NOTE: if an exported tool is using a Script() function and the other system doesn’t have that script formula, then the tool is unable to be imported. The script formula will have to be shared first.