Watchlist - Opening

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Sep 23, 2020 01:40


For an overview on Watchlists, please click here.

Opening a Watchlist

There are four ways to create a Watchlist:

Method 1 - Individually Add Codes

Click the New menu located on the top-left corner of the program window. In the menu that displays left-click the Watchlist option.

WL Opening 1

A blank Watchlist will open.

You can populate the Watchlist by typing in the codes you want displayed.

WL Opening 2

Method 2 - Import a CSV file

Instead of typing the individual codes as described above, if you have a list of codes in a text (.csv) file that you wish to create a Watchlist from, select the Import From CSV option under the Actions menu, and navigate to the required file to be imported.

WL Opening 3

Method 3 - By Exchange Folder or Symbol List

Press F3 on your keyboard to open the Data File Selector.

Expand the exchanges down and locate a folder you wish to display on a Watchlist.

Right-click on the selected folder and click the Open in Watchlist option. If you want to use a Symbol List, click on the Symbol Lists tab and select the Symbol List you want to use for the Watchlist. Note that the Watchlist will stay “Linked” to the Symbol List and as changes are made to the underlying list, the Watchlist will be updated.

WL Opening 4

The codes contained within the selected folder will be opened in a Watchlist.

WL Opening 5

Method 4 - From Scanning Manager Results

Scan results can be exported to a create a new Watchlist, which can be linked to the scan. As the data is updated then the codes in the Watchlist will be refreshed. For more information on the Scanning Manager, click here.