How do I increase the amount of intraday history available in my charts?

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Feb 9, 2021 12:06

By default Optuma will request 30 days of intraday history from your provider the very first time you open a chart symbol in an intraday timeframe. This amount can be increased by adjusting a setting, but the amount of intraday data available depends on your provider (Interactive Brokers for example only give you about 7 days).

NOTE: the amount of history will increase on your system over time as the data is cached on to your computer every time you open the chart. So in 6 months’ time you will have the original 30 days and the subsequent 6 months.

However, to get more than the initial 30 days close the charts in Optuma and click on Data > Exchange and select the exchange eg Axicorp FX and under Intraday Options set the minute charts to something like 300 days.


Then reopen the chart and change to an intraday timeframe and click Download History under Actions to force the history from the provider.

NOTE: you’ll get a warning saying your existing cached data will be deleted and replaced with the new download - this means if the amount of data available from the provider is less than what has already been downloaded on to your computer then you will end up with less data!

To see how much data is available, open eg a 240 minute chart from the provider that you haven’t previously opened - this will request the amount of historical data stated in the changed settings above. If it is less than what is currently available in your charts then don't click Download History as you will end up with less data on your charts.