Show Bar - Scripted Settings

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Jun 17, 2021 11:39


The Show Bar tool has a number of options and settings for display style that can be set directly via the tools properties (Display Arrow, Line, Symbol, etc).

From Optuma 2.0 and onward these options can also be controlled directly from the script itself using the symbol1. syntax.

Supported Properties

The properties supported are…

  • symbol1.DisplayType
  • symbol1.Position
  • symbol1.Colour
  • symbol1.Symbol
  • symbol1.ArrowType
  • symbol1.Size
  • symbol1.Align
  • symbol1.Text
  • symbol1.Width
  • symbol1.NumtoShow
  • symbol1.AstroText
  • symbol1.AstroDirection
  • symbol1.PriceFormat
  • symbol1.LineStyle
  • symbol1.Extend

To see how each of these items is used on the Show Bar please refer to the main tools article (Properties section).


V1 = PIVOT(MIN=50) > 0; 
symbol1 = V1; 
symbol1.Position = High;
symbol1.Colour = Blue;
symbol1.Arrow Type = Down; 
symbol1.Display Type = Arrow; 

ShowBarscript1 In the above script example the Show Bar would display a blue downward arrow positioned on the high of the bar.