Custom Colour Option for Histogram Indicators

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Apr 2, 2020 06:12


This property makes it possible to alter the colours of the Histogram. The colour scheme options that are available are as follows:

  • Copy Colours from Price Chart
  • Single Colour (default)
  • Positive / Negative
  • Custom

Copy Colours from Price Chart

When this option is selected the Histogram will use the same colour scheme as the underlying Price Chart. For example, if the colour scheme of the Price Chart is set to Swing Relations, then the Histogram will be coloured the same.

Single Colour

This is the default colour scheme setting, when this setting is used, the option to alter the Histogram line colour will be displayed.

Positive / Negative

Selecting this option will display the Histogram in one colour for positive values and another colour for negative. When this setting is selected colour options become available for the positive and negative colours.


The Custom colour setting allows you to use a script to control how the histogram is coloured, using the Script Editor. This functions in the same manner as the existing bar colour scheme script function.

In the following example, the Volume indicator is displaying green where the volume is greater than 5M, blue where volume is less than 5M and greater than 3M and red where it is greater than 1M and less than 3M.