Alerts - Alerts State property

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Jan 10, 2019 03:21


The Alerts State property allows you to adjust how / when alerts are checked.

By default, alerts will be checked in the following way:

  • Live Data: Monitored in real-time, will trigger as soon as criteria has been met.
  • EOD Data: Checked when Optuma is first opened, and anytime EOD data is downloaded.

You will also have the following custom options:

  • Check alerts only when Optuma is first opened
  • Check alerts only when prompted to by the user

Adjusting the Property

To adjust the new property open the Alerts panel by left-clicking the Alerts menu along the top of the program window.


The main alerts window will display.

Go to the left side of the panel and locate the Alerts State property.


Click on the drop-down arrow next to the Alerts State property and select your desired option.

  • Active (default): checks live data alerts in real-time and EOD data on startup and after an EOD data download.
  • Check on Startup: Only checks the alerts once after the startup process has been completed.
  • Manual: Only checks the alerts when prompted to do so by the user.

Manually Checking Alerts

When Alerts State is set to Manual, there are two methods available for checking the alerts.

Method 1

Open the Alerts panel via the Alerts menu, and under the Actions section on the left hand side of the panel click the Check Alerts option.


Method 2

Right click on the Alerts menu and in the window displayed left click the Check Alerts option.


Note: You can also modify the Alerts State property via right clicking on the Alerts menu.