How do I Upgrade from Optuma 32 bit (Market Analyst 8) to Optuma 64bit?

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Oct 25, 2021 19:35

If you start the Optuma program by clicking on the Market Analyst 8 (or even MA7) desktop icon then you are using the old 32bit version of the software, which is no longer in development. All the new tools and features that have been added since the end of 2016 are available in the 64bit version of Optuma only.


NOTE: as the 64bit version is a completely different program from MA8 the update will not be available by clicking on Check for Updates under the Help menu, and will require a completely new installation.

Please note that all your existing work will be converted to the new version during the installation process so you will not need to recreate your workbooks. It is important to note that the 32bit version of Optuma will remain installed on your system and you can still use it, if you make a change on an MA8 32bit workbook after the Optuma installation, it will not be reflected in the 64bit copy, and vice versa.

Optuma System Requirements Test

If you are unsure of your system’s current specifications you can perform an automated check to see if you will be able to run Optuma. Click this button to download and run the Optuma Requirements Test program:

Download Requirements Test Program

Installing the Optuma Upgrade

Once compatibility has been confirmed, clients with an active subscription and a Windows 64bit operating system can install the latest version of Optuma by logging in to your account page using the same username and password as for the program. Once logged in, click on the Subscription option and click the Download Optuma button to save the setup file.

My Account

Once saved (usually to your Downloads folder) double-click on the setup.exe file to begin the installation. Once complete, you will have a new Optuma icon on your desktop:

Optuma Icon

Double-click the icon to launch Optuma, and all your settings, toolbar, and workbooks will be available. If not, please contact support.

Once logged in, click on the Help menu and select the Optuma 101 Course for free video tutorials to help you get started with the new version. Quick tip videos are also available here.

Optuma updates

We have released the following updates to Optuma since 2016. To see the tools, features, and data options that have been added in each release click the links below:

Optuma 1.1 Update

Optuma 1.2 Update

Optuma 1.3 Update

Optuma 1.4 Update

Optuma 1.5 Update

Optuma 1.6 Update

Optuma 2.0 Update