What’s new in Optuma Version 1.6

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Aug 31, 2022 13:31


This article covers the major features and changes released as part of the v1.6 update to Optuma.
To see a complete list of changes, additions and resolutions please click on the Help menu in Optuma and select the Change Log option.

New Features

What’s New Video Overview


Back Testing

For the v1.6 update we have temporarily removed the ability to run Short and mixed Long / Short back testing from Optuma. While several tests show no issue, there have been a few instances now in our internal testing and reported by clients regarding inconsistencies in the results that appear when Short entries are included.

This appears to be due to misconceptions on how short trades are handled during the initial coding (years ago) when the module was first added to the program. We have learned much since then and are in the process of completely redesigning and rebuilding the back tester.

The decision was made to temporarily remove access to these options in the back tester while we complete the rebuild. Previously saved back tests using Short or mixed Long / Short will still run, however you will be unable to create new back tests using these options.

Long back tests are still available, and no issues have been found with these setups.



All planetary interval tools have been re-worked to make them faster and more accurate. Several tools had issues with very small or very large intervals and almost none of them could handle intervals over 360 degrees. We fully expect that some saved work from Optuma 1.5 may have different results in this update. This is something we always try to avoid, but when the previous results are wrong, we have no choice.

Note that as part of these changes we removed “Include Retrograde Motion” in the calculations. The concept was an attempt to include all the gross motion as an option. The issue was that the calculations were inaccurate and non-standard.

The fixes also allowed us to put back the Synodic Tools in the update.

Tools affected by these changes are :