The following tools are available in the Ehlers Tool Group in Optuma, based on the work of John Ehlers. If you are not yet a client register here for a free trial.

Bandpass Filter

Correlation Cycle

Correlation Trend

Cycle Trend Analytics


DeCycler Oscillator

Directional Movement using Hann Windowing (DMHW)

Elegant Oscillator

Even Better Sinewave Indicator

Exponential Regularization Moving Average

Finite Impulse Response Filters

Fourier Series Analysis

Improved MAD

Improved RSI

Laguerre Filter

Laguerre RSI

Modified Stochastic


Noise Elimination Technology

Roofing Filter Indicator with AGC

Super Smoother

Truncated Bandpass Filter

Two Pole Super Smoother

Voss Predictive Filter