Setting up TDAmeritrade US Equity Data in Optuma

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Nov 6, 2021 03:02


Clients with a TDAmeritrade account can connect Optuma charts to their realtime US equity datafeed.

NOTE: You must have a TDAmeritrade account to access their data. You can contact them here to open an account.

In Optuma, click on Data > Configure Data Providers, and select TDAmeritrade, and click Next:


Click Next again if you already have an account, and double-click on US Equities to move to the list of Selected Exchanges (or Nasdaq, NYSE, & Amex if you have the old data configuration).


When you click Apply a web page will open prompting you for your TDAmeritrade login details:


Note: If you change your TD Ameritrade account details (User ID or Password) you will need to run through this setup process again to update the details within Optuma. This process will require Optuma v1.6 or later to work.

Once logged in the Data menu button in Optuma should turn green, and say TDAmeritrade Connected when moused over (along with any other connected datafeeds):
When a US Equity chart is opened the chart will display with Data from Ameritrade, and you will be able to change the chart to an intraday timeframe, such as 65 minutes. During market hours the current price will display in green in the price scale:


Keeping Automatic Data Downloads

Note: if you run scans on the market you will need to set the end-of-day data provider to Optuma! Data sourced from a 3rd party provider is only downloaded when the chart or watchlist is opened, so if you scan the markets the only way to get the data automatically downloaded to your computer so the scans can be executed is to set Optuma as the end-of-day provider. Click on Data > Exchanges > US Equities and set the End-of-Day provider back to Optuma, keeping the Intraday provider as TDAmeritrade so the charts will update in realtime.


Disclaimer: The TDAmeritrade Corporation is the registered owner of the TDAmeritrade trademark, and that TDAmeritrade Corporation is not affiliated with, and does not sponsor or endorse Optuma.