What’s New in Optuma Version 1.1

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Sep 1, 2022 13:48

How to upgrade to Optuma: More power, more tools, more data

Optuma includes several new features and changes (listed below), and allows the program to utilise much more of your system’s resources to improve speed and allow for advanced analysis over a greater number of charts or larger watchlists.

Optuma is a separate installation to Optuma 32bit (MA8), meaning you will need to install the update via a new setup program, rather than running the usual updater. Part of the new installation process will include copying and converting your existing work to the new 64bit format. File extensions have been updated from Market Analyst designations to Optuma designations. For example, the current .mwb7 extensions used for workbooks will be automatically converted to .owb files during the installation process.

If you are unsure whether your Operating System is 32bit or 64bit, when you run the Optuma setup file a message will be displayed if you are on a 32bit system, and the installation will not complete and you can continue to use the 32bit version.

It is important to note that 32bit Optuma will remain installed on your system, so you can swap between the two programs. However, there will be no linkage between the two, so if you make a change on a 32bit workbook, it will not be reflected in the 64bit copy, and vice versa.

To download and install the new version, log in to your account page and click on the button to save the setup file. Once saved, double-click the file to begin the installation and convert your existing work.
See this video for more information:

New Features - Webinar


New Features - Articles


New Data Exchanges & Data Groupings

As part of our continued commitment to expand the end of day data services in Optuma, we are excited to announce the release of our new Optuma Data Packages. Giving you access to more exchanges and greater flexibility to select the data you want.

If you are an existing subscriber to the Trader Services package you will be able to covert to the new data packages, select any 5 data groups, ranging from Australian Equities, US Equities, Commodities, World Indices, Foreign Exchange, European exchanges, Asian exchanges, Funds and Fundamental data.

If you have 5 data groups selected, and want to add more, additional groups can be selected from as little as $5 per month.

Switching to the new Optuma Data Packages is free, and can be done via your Optuma Portal page.

Simply login to the Portal, scroll down to the Data section and click the Modify button.


You will be asked to confirm your conversion to the new data system, and a list of available exchanges will display. Make your selection and click Save.


  • The Script Editor window now supports the right-click mouse options to undo, copy, paste, and cut text.
  • You can now add a Shaded Zone between two plots
  • STD() now supports Sampling Method
  • BARDATE() now supports Swing Chart data
  • CHANGE() now supports a Fixed interval to calculate from a specified date
  • EXP() has been added for Exponential calculations
  • EARNINGS() now has an output for Last Date (requires a Bloomberg datafeed)
  • HIGHESTHIGH() and LOWESTLOW() now accepts any input source
  • AngleCrosses, AngleCrossesAbove and AngleCrossesBelow conditions added (useful for RRG and Astro scripts)
  • MATCHES() now supports functions that produce a -1 value for inverse results
  • GANNSWING() function now supports time frame modifiers such as WEEK(), MONTH()
  • SIGNALAFTER() function added to show when a signal occurs after another signal has been met first.


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