View Tools - Custom Colours

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Apr 2, 2020 06:22


All view tools (tools that display in their own window below the chart, such as Volume) now support custom colour schemes, with colours being set by user-defined scripts.

In the following example, the Volume tool displays a Red bar when it is above the 30-day Volume Average.

The script used to generate this result was:

VOL() > MA(VOL(), BARS=30, CALC=Close)

How to Setup a Custom Colour Scheme

Once the view tool has been applied, go to the Properties panel on the left-hand side, and adjust the Colour Scheme option to Custom.

A new property called Custom Colour Scripts will be added.

Expand the new property and you will be able to select the default colour which displays when the bar does not meet the criteria for any of the scripts you have entered.

You will also be able to add the script criteria from this section by clicking the + icon:

Click on the icon to open the Script Manager, where you can select an existing criteria, or enter in one manually (must be a Boolean script with a True / False result).

Click Apply and the custom colour will update on the view tool automatically.