Group Diamond Publishing

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Apr 2, 2020 04:06


The publishing module supports multi-code cycling when group diamonds have been setup.

For example, the following page containing 4 charts has been broken into two groups, the top row is Green Diamonds, the bottom row is Blue Diamonds.

Each group displays the data for a different code (in the above example Green is WES and Blue is ASX).

When this setup is saved as a page layout it can be used to publish a list of codes from a Watchlist, with two codes on a single page (whereas before you were limited to 1 code only).

In the above example, the ASX Top 20 would be published to a PDF containing 10 pages in total, with 2 codes per page (AMP & ANZ on page 1, BHP & BXB on page 2, etc).

Page Layouts can be setup with a maximum of 7 groups per page.