Print Settings

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Apr 2, 2020 06:20


Charts, Pages and Workbooks can be printed from Optuma. When printed, a PDF file is created, which opens automatically ready to be printed to your system’s default printer.

To print an item, left-click the Print icon, located on the far left side of the program window (in the Action bar).


There are a number of settings you can adjust for printing charts from Optuma.

To access the settings, right-click on the Print icon.

Print: Allows you to select what is printed when the icon is clicked. Options are Active Chart (the last chart you clicked), Active Page, and Active Workbook.

Campaign Code: Allows you to add a code which displays at the end of the Optuma URL. This option is only available to accounts signed up to the Optuma Reseller Program.

Page Size: Allows you to select the Page Size the PDF created uses. This includes the standard page sizes (A4, A3, etc) as well as Custom.

Width(mm): When Custom Page Size is selected you can use this value to set the pages Width.

Height(mm): When Custom Page Size is selected you can use this value to set the pages Height.

Page Print Orientation: Allows you to set the page orientation the PDF is created as. The options are portrait and landscape.

Image Format: Optuma includes an option to save a page or chart as an image file. This setting allows you to select the default format the images are saved as. Options include EMF, PNG, JPEG and GIF.

Open PDF Viewer on Print: This option allows you to chose whether to open your default PDF viewer program automatically when a chart / page / workbook is printed. Untick the checkbox if you do not wish the PDF Viewer to open automatically after each print.

Maintain Chart Aspect Ratio: Tick this checkbox to ensure the dimensions and ratio of the charts on a page are kept the same on a PDF print. If this checkbox is unticked the pages will expand to fill all available space on a page.

Always Show Watermark: This option allows you to show or hide the charts watermark (symbol displayed center of the chart) on Print.

Show Chart Title: This option allows you to show or hide the charts title bar displayed along the top of each chart.

Show Live Price Box: This option allows you to show or hide the last price scale label highlight on real-time codes. (Green for Active, Red for Out of Session).

Show Trades in Price Scale: This option requires Bloomberg data. When a portfolio has been imported from Bloomberg, this checkbox will allow you to display or hide the buy price label in the price scale.

Hide Author on Reports: Allows you to show or hide your username when generating reports from the Publisher. This requires Professional Services.

Include Index Page: This checkbox allows you to include an index page at the start of the PDF (Code, Name, Page Number, etc).

  • Index Font Size: Allows you to control the font size used on the Index Page.
  • Index Display: Allows you to select which information is included n the Index Page (Code, Name or Name & Code).
  • Index Sort Type: Allows you to set how the contents of the index page are sorted. By default each row will be grouped by Page Number, however you can adjust it to sort alphanumerically by Page Name instead.
  • Index Columns: Allows you to set how many columns the index entries are split into across the Index page.

    Show Footer: Allows you to Show or Hide the footer line below the charts when printing to PDF.