How do I Access Purchased Videos or Documents?

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Jan 30, 2021 01:58


If you have purchased a video series through the Optuma store (or videos were included with your original package) you will be able to access the videos via the My Optuma Portal.

To access the Portal, open Optuma.

Note: If you do not have a copy of Optuma, use the following link instead: My Products

On the homepage, a My Media button will display on the right-hand side:

My Optuma Portal 1

Left-click the My Media icon and your web browser will open. If prompted to log in, enter your Optuma username and password to proceed.

My Optuma Portal 2

You will be taken to the My Media home page where all videos available on your account will be displayed:

My Optuma Portal 3

Left-clicking on a video item on the left-hand side will load / play the video in your browser.

If there are any PDF documents associated with the video series they will be displayed below the video section.

My Optuma Portal 4