Optuma Disappearing or Not Appearing on Start up

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: May 16, 2017 05:15


11th of January 2017


12th of January 2017


It was reported that Optuma was “disappearing” or “not appearing” at all upon start up. The splash screen appeared allowing the user to log into the software and update the program, however when it went to open, it disappeared. The reason for this is that the saved window’s position was set off the screen.


  1. Close Optuma by right-clicking on the icon in the Windows Taskbar and clicking Close Window, or by clicking End Task in the Task Manager.

  2. Open the Optuma.ini file in My Documents > Optuma > Local > Common.

  3. Delete the following line in the Optuma.ini file and save it.

  4. Restart Optuma

If you still encounter problems, please raise a support ticket for further assistance.