What’s New in Optuma 2.2

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Oct 3, 2023 09:56


This is the change log for Optuma 2.2. This page is currently under construction and will be updated during the beta testing phase.

New Features

  • New Tool: Williams Accumulation / Distribution Oscillator
  • New Tool: GoNoGo Trend
  • New Tool: Exponential Regression
  • New Tool: Variable Index Dynamic Average
  • Total Returns data can now be used in Relative Rotation Graphs and Relative Comparison charts.
  • Pascal Custom Tool Programming Module: Added output names for all the properties and actions for each tool in the following format.
    • TOOL, AorP, NAME, TYPE
    • Moving Average, Property, Bars, Integer
    • Moving Average, Action, Add Technical Alert
  • Heikin-Ashi Candlestick chart is now a chart style under the New > Single Code Chart menu (it is no longer a property of the Candlestick chart).
  • A new setting is available Settings > Workspace > General > Process Data in Parallel. Enabled by default, Optuma will use multiple threads to download and process data as quickly as possible. For older / slower systems, disabling this action may resolve resource issues when data is updating for multiple exchanges at once.
  • The New > Watchlist menu has been split into two separate options (Empty and Linked). Clicking on the Watchlist tab will open a blank watchlist as per earlier versions of Optuma. When selecting a linked Watchlist, the title bar of the Watchlist will include an option to select the scan or symbol list to link to.
  • A new print setting in Publishing Module: Prompt for Filename. When enabled, you will be prompted to select a folder and file name when publishing a Watchlist from Optuma (rather than being saved to the default publishing path automatically).


  • Cryptowatch has been discontinued as a realtime data provider. It has been replaced by Kraken.
  • Connection to the FRED Economic Data now requires an account with FRED and an API connection. Click here for instructions - or add our improved global Economic Data option.
  • If your charts are more than a month out of date, you will be prompted to reinstall the full historical dataset when you log in to avoid any gaps in the data.
  • Chart Layouts will not retain the decimal settings of the chart used to create it. This means layouts created on a chart such as AUDUSD (with 4+ decimal places) can be used on an index like the Dow Jones, and vice versa.
  • The chart will no longer jump to the latest data if the chart style is changed (Bar to Line chart for example) while viewing historical data.
  • Improve how the Andrews Pitchfork handles Log scales with the calculation of the midpoint.
  • Page Layouts will no longer overwrite the existing page tab label.
  • eSignal API files have been removed since eSignal has ceased providing data to third-party programs.
  • Historical Relative Rotation Graph values (i.e. the dots in the tails on the chart) can now have their size adjusted via the Tail Styles > Dot Size property. Note: Scripted values will overwrite any manual adjustment made to this property.
  • Optuma’s Python interface has been updated to work with new Python releases but it will no longer work with Python 3.9. An update to Python will need to be installed (3.10 or higher).
  • Vertical Target tool has a new property to enable an additional plot at the 2/3rds mark.
  • Data > Exchanges > [Exchange Name] menu has been updated to add additional options to clear Intraday data cache and Fundamental cache files.
  • IB connection updated to support the latest API files and improve tick volume.
  • Show Bar will no longer show results in the future when training mode is enabled. All arrows / lines etc will stop at the last bar.
  • Jenkins Secret Angle / Secret Angle Finder now supports Time Alerts.
  • Relative Rotation Graphs opened via a symbol list will now use applicable indices as the reference (ie NDX for a Nasday 100, XTL for ASX Top 20) if the source is Optuma EOD data.
  • Advance Decline Spread has been removed as a Breadth calculation type in the Custom Breadth module.
  • CSV or Metastock data that is located on 2 different systems (in different folder paths) can now be used by workbooks shared across both systems, as long as the Short Exchange name is identical.
  • Improvements have been made to the copy / paste process of scripts to ensure the line feeds are retained (rather than condensing it to a single line with not line returns).
  • Colons can no longer be used in the creation of a custom code (WES:BHP for example). Existing custom codes using : will still work, but new codes can’t be set up containing a colon. This is to resolve an issue when used with a GETDATA() script.
  • Additional adjustments have been made to prevent Watchlist font size from changing without user input and set to a manual size.
  • Additional translation of menu items has been added for the Chinese language.
  • Updated IB to better map automatically to indices (XJO and XAO for example).
  • The Config and Data folder locations can no longer be modified via the Settings > File Locations window.
  • Range from Extremes Label position moved to prevent it blocking data.
  • Net Asset Value tool has been moved to the Data tool group and updated to work with Optuma US Mutual Funds data and Bloomberg data.

Bug Fixes

  • Alerts applied from a keyboard shortcut were not automatically setting the direction rule (Cross Above / Below).
  • The % Range indicator will randomly extend the lines to the left and right of the chart without the extend properties being enabled.
  • Adjusted the Optuma permission certificate to better handle Daylight savings timezone changes.
  • Powerpoint publishes using a template (.potx) via a Watchlist were unable to reference information from the Journal.
  • In rare cases, Fundamental fields may show stale data in a Chart Header while cycling through a list of codes in a Watchlist.
  • Watchlist / Charts setup with Training Mode enabled could show distorted bars when changing to a new code in the Watchlist.
  • Monte Carlo tests could cause Optuma to lock up if the result included a negative value.
  • Gann and Percent Swing Overlay tools showed duplicate labels when shown in the price scale.
  • Added additional safeguards in place when loading a workbook with a corrupted page to prevent a bug report / program crash.
  • Adjustments have been made to better handle large watchlists where Optuma is the EOD source and IB is the intraday source.
  • The bar count of a Trailing Linear Regression was adding 1 to the user-selected lookback range, this has been resolved. The TRLR and LRSlope now match when identical lookback periods are used.
  • Fundamental Columns set to show as a Percentage won’t sort in Watchlist.
  • Adjustment to IB order manager to prevent the error message “rejected, invalid effective time”.
  • A selected layer may become deselected at random causing a new tool to go into a different layer.
  • A background error can occur if changing the time frame of an RRG using an Annual Rate or Return comparison style.
  • A background error can occur if applying a Time Measure tool (using Trading Days) and the second mouse point is placed past the last bar on the chart.
  • If you open a Range chart with live data while the market is trading, segments of data keep repeating over and over.
  • The Percent Swing overlay tool stops plotting if the price drops below zero.
  • Membership selection (Current vs Historical) for Optuma Symbol Lists is not always retained after deselecting the item from the Back Tester or Signal Tester.
  • Several tools containing text labels would print in difficult-to-read colours when Dark theme was in use.
  • Exchanges set to Data on Demand crash scans / back tests / signal tests. Modified DOD exchanges not to trigger downloads when used in scans, etc.
  • When changing from a multiscript breadth to a single script breadth , the second script editor is still visible.


  • The default scripts included with Optuma have been updated with many more examples, and are grouped into sub-folder categories.
  • GNGTRENDPRO has a new output options for Icon (Up / Down Arrows and Green / Red Circles) and for Status (Strong Go, Weak Go, Go Fish, Weak NoGo, Strong NoGo).
  • New Script Function: TRET() to convert data to Total Return values.
  • New Script Function: VIDYA() for the Variable Index Dynamic Average
  • New Script Function: LRVAL() for the Linear Regression Value.
  • Range option has been added to the Performance() scripting function.
  • The SWINGSTAT output for AvgPercent has been adjusted to produce the average of the % change of the last x swings (was previously using the raw retracement values).
  • Resolved an issue with the Shade() function where the colour would always display green even if alternative colours were set in the script.


  • Adjustments to a GPL’s orb properties were not taking effect until the chart was saved, closed and re-opened.
  • Planetary Angles tool’s Symbol Size slider updated to include the text size as well.
  • Adjustments to Planetary colour on a GPL would update line, but the symbol would show the default colour.
  • Resolved a small rounding error that could cause variations over long periods of time between small and large degree interval measurements.
  • Spiral Calendar and Spiral Calendar Intervals now include a Calc property allowing you to switch between Synodic and Sidereal.