GoNoGo Functions

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Aug 25, 2023 19:25

There are four functions associated with the GoNoGo tool module:

  • GNGOSC() for the Oscillator
  • GNGSQUEEZE() for the Squeeze values
  • GNGTREND()* for new Go / NoGo signals
  • GNGTRENDPRO() for new Go / NoGo signals, status, and icons


This function calculates the value of the oscillator, with the Blue and Aqua outputs having a value of 1 when the condition is true.

For stocks with an oscillator value > 2 and coloured blue:

GNGOSC() > 2 and GNGOSC().Blue


To scan for stocks with a squeeze value of 6:



This function will display a value of 1 for a new Go signal, or -1 for NoGo. To scan for new Go and NoGo signals:



This function contains the outputs to identify the current GoNoGo status (Strong Go, Weak Go, Go Fish, Weak NoGo, Strong NoGo) and also the arrow and circle icons.

Use the following to scan for the status use the corresponding bar colour:

GNGTRENDPRO().Blue for Strong Go

GNGTRENDPRO().Aqua for Weak Go

GNGTRENDPRO().Orange for Go Fish

GNGTRENDPRO().Fucsia for Weak NoGo

GNGTRENDPRO().Purple for Strong NoGo

In a watchlist, use GNGTRENDPRO().Status to automatically display the label and colour:

GoNoGo Status

The following can be used to identify the icons:





In a watchlist, use GNGTRENDPRO().Icon to automatically display the icon label and colour:

GoNoGo Icons