MA6 vs Optuma Gann Swings

Author: Optuma Team Last updated: Oct 13, 2015 22:45

In some rare instances you will find that the Gann Swings and Gann Swing Overlays in Optuma will differ slightly when compared to Market Analyst 6.

The key difference is that Optuma has the concept of clustering outside and inside bars. Historically the biggest issue we have ever had around Swing Charts has been the many scenarios we faced when there could be multiple outside and inside bars after each other.

This is complicated further by having to support the process of building swings in real-time, and having to make decisions which once the full bars are there would be easy. What we introduced was that Optuma would treat these bar clusters as a single outside bar, until there was a clear direction on where the market was going. While in a “cluster”, Optuma will test each outside and inside bar against the current cluster high and low.

MA6 did not have this clustering concept, instead the last outside bar would be deemed to be “The” outside bar and the others ignored.

However, it is possible to have the Gann swing display the same as MA6. The Optuma Gann Swing Charts and Gann Swing Overlays include a property called Cluster Outside and Inside Bars. When the Outside Bar Calc property is set to “Use Next Bar” a new checkbox will be displayed for Outside / Inside Bar clustering. When unticked, the Gann Swing will use the Market Analyst 6 rule set for dealing with Outside / Inside bar clustering.